When you are willing to spend $300,000 on your outdoor living space, pool, and spa, you expect something extraordinary. And that is precisely what this Gilbert homeowner received. The in-house project name, Backyard Paradise – Lazy River, provides only a small glimpse into all that this UNIQUE space offers for a price of just under $300k. While some people are shocked when they consider that this amount is sufficient to purchase some homes in Gilbert, let me say that this pool has a larger surface area than many of the houses in the Gilbert community at just under 2300 square feet! And when combined, the pool and spa hold an astounding 75,552 gallons of water. That is a lot of fun and enjoyment for the price tag.

A lazy river pool and spa of this size and caliber is only possible when working with the team of professionals at UNIQUE. When you learn that the project also includes a ramada with a full bathroom, you see why UNIQUE holds not just landscape and pool licenses from the AZ Registrar of Contractors, but also a general contractor license to build complete structures in-house. To learn more about the benefits of working with a single contractor for all of your pool, spa, landscape, and outdoor structure needs, click here or call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation.

This massive project was completed in 2014. But it is still a very relevant example of what you can expect to achieve when investing over a quarter of a million dollars in your private paradise and one of a kind swimming pool. The pedigree for this pool and spa are as follows:

  • Pool Perimeter-254 linear feet
  • Pool Surface Area- 2285 square feet
  • Pool Capacity-~ 74,262 gallons
  • Spa Size- 8′ Round
  • Spa Perimeter- 35 linear feet
  • Spa Capacity ~1260 gallons
  • Pool And Spa Interior Finish- Coastal Series Caribbean Primera Stone with a polished finish

Also included in this project are all the necessary automation components for filtration, sanitization, and cleaning of both the pool and spa. Approximately 1,700 square feet of additional paved patio surface, a 7′ custom fireplace, 12′ custom BBQ Island, 180 square foot pergola, 400 square foot ramada with bathroom, and 4,500 square feet of natural sod are some of the other features that transformed this backyard into a complete outdoor living space and year-round paradise for this Gilbert family.

Added Features

When you purchase a pool from any licensed pool builder, there are specific items included in every pool and every contract. Things like the excavation, rebar, shotcrete, and standard plumbing are all a part of every pool. But, when working with the UNIQUE team, you will quickly discover that this list of necessities is just the beginning of your custom pool, spa, and outdoor living space. In the case of this 300k project, some of the added features of the pool and spa include:

  • A Private Island To House The Spa
  • A Custom Bridge For Easy Island Access
  • Deck Jets
  • Baja Step
  • 50 Linear Feet Of Steps And Benches
  • Bullnose Travertine Coping
  • Upgraded Waterline Tile
  • An Elevated Spa Installation
  • Spa Spillway
  • Natural Boulder Waterfall
  • Upgraded Lighting
  • Screen Logic System For Wireless Integration

A Truly One Of A Kind Lazy River

All of the features listed above would be enough for most people to consider this a one of a kind swimming pool. But when you add all of those fun features to a lazy river, you create a truly spectacular experience that is rarely found in a residential setting. The concept of a lazy river is far more intricate than a massive space that allows numerous guests to float around on rafts. An actual lazy river requires a great deal of engineering to propel this enormous amount of water as if it were a naturally occurring feature. This is where the education of Chris Griffin, engineer, and owner of the UNIQUE Companies becomes an essential ingredient in the creative process.

The average person looks at this project and is in awe of amazing details, natural beauty, and endless hours of entertainment it will provide. However, Mr. Griffin focuses on the numbers and formulas that it takes to make this project a success. Pump capacity, flow rates, the structural integrity of the shell, and the island’s foundation are all carefully calculated to ensure the safety of the project and its longevity. Because UNIQUE projects are built to last a lifetime, and Mr. Griffin will not allow any construction that will not live up to the UNIQUE name and reputation.

Why Choose UNIQUE

Investing $300,000 in your outdoor living space, pool, and spa might sound a bit extravagant. But when you consider that this space provides well over 10,000 square feet of functionality and fun, the numbers become less shocking. And there is no way to put a price tag on all of the features and enjoyment that this space will provide for years to come. Not too many outdoor spaces in Gilbert, AZ. Include a private island and a lazy river.

When you are ready to speak to the best team in the outdoor construction industry about turning your dreams into reality, click here or call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation with an award-winning UNIQUE designer.