Don’t let family time become a thing of the past as social activities resume. Everyone will be happy to gather at your new UNIQUE pool to enjoy quality time as a family.

Life is going to continue, and by later this summer, we will have moved beyond the temporary social distancing that we are all practicing. But during this time, many people have discovered that family time is valuable for many reasons. And as life returns to a more hectic pace, we mustn’t let this renewed enthusiasm for sharing time as a family slide out of our focus. And what better way to ensure that family time remains a fun priority than a new or upgraded outdoor living space? And even right at this moment, while you are still experiencing this semi-isolation, you can begin to put a plan in motion. Just click here and request a free virtual consultation with a UNIQUE design professional. Our pro will assist you in upgrading your current outdoor space or creating an entirely new oasis to enjoy with your loved ones. Below are some features that you might consider for your new family-friendly outdoor space.

Pool And Spa

Fun features like deck jets, a gotto, and a water slide will keep kids entertained for hours. And parents can enjoy the time as well relaxing nearby in the spa.

Right now, the climate in Phoenix is perfect for all types of outdoor activities. But in what could feel like the blink of an eye, summer will be upon us with 100 plus days that seem endless. But you and your loved ones can still enjoy the great outdoors, as long as you are doing it from your new UNIQUE pool and spa. Our master built pools are what sets us apart from the other contractors in the valley. With an engineer on staff, he is also the owner, each of our pools must pass his rigorous structural review before the build process can begin.  

Every aspect of a UNIQUE pool is nothing but the highest quality. From our 3500PSI fiber mess shotcrete to our oversized suction and return lines, our pools are built to last a lifetime. We also offer the latest technology to eliminate the hours of tedious chemical balancing and cleaning that some pools require. A UNIQUE pool is as close to self-sufficient as you will ever find.

And don’t forget to check out the fun features that you can include in your UNIQUE pool and spa combo. Some of our most popular features include:

Ask your UNIQUE design pro about all of these great features and any other custom touches that you would like to include in your new pool and spa combo.

Outdoor Living Space At Its Finest

When the sun is beating down on your yard, you are going to want to retreat to a shaded area to relax and enjoy family time. And the UNIQUE team definitely has you covered when it comes to shade structures. Our company is licensed as a general contractor by the AZ ROC so that we can build any structure that you like, including ramadas, gazebos, and pergolas. And all of the work is completed by our in-house craftsmen who have decades of experience in creating one of a kind outdoor retreats.

And just because you and your family are hanging out outside, don’t think that you need to do it sans electronics. Ask your UNIQUE designer about all of your options for outdoor audio and video equipment, including TVs, movie projectors, and audio systems. All of these features and the function of your pool and spa can be integrated into most home automation systems for simple operation from anywhere in the world.

Outdoor Cooking And Dining

What could be better than family pizza night? How about making your own pizza in a wood-burning pizza oven in your own backyard!

Everyone loves to head out for a BBQ, but what if you could enjoy more meals outdoors? An outdoor kitchen is a perfect way to get everyone together, away from the tv, and participating in the preparation of a family meal. Your new outdoor kitchen can be as basic or extravagant as you like. We even offer a full range of chef-quality outdoor appliances that will rival what you have indoors. And for added fun, consider including a wood-burning pizza oven. This will add an entirely new meaning to pizza and movie night.

Right now, we are all focused on finding ways to stay occupied and positive. And what better way to look forward to the future than to get the entire family involved in creating a new and exciting outdoor living space. Planning, pondering, and online research for your new pool, outdoor family room, or garden is a great way for the entire family to collaborate on something that will provide years of fun and happy family memories. Click here to schedule a free virtual consultation with a UNIQUE designer who can help you begin creating a plan for your family’s new outdoor oasis.