When you are planning your swimming pool and outdoor living space project, it can be very difficult to align your budget and your wish list. Unlike the purchase of a luxury vehicle, RV, or even a vacation home, your outdoor living space budget will fluctuate greatly depending on your personal selections, needs, and ideal use plan for the area. In short, the UNIQUE team is capable of creating a completely custom swimming pool, spa, landscaping, and outdoor living space. As a licensed general contractor, as well as holding licenses for pool and landscape construction, we are the only company in the valley that is truly uniquely qualified to build every aspect and feature that you can imagine including on your property. Click here or call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation with a UNIQUE designer.

To provide an example of a UNIQUE project in the $250,000 range, we have selected a pool and landscape project located in Chandler, Arizona. Both the pricing and construction for this job were completed in 2019, making them very relevant and comparable for project planning in 2020. The pedigree for this pool and spa are as follows:

  • Pool Perimeter-140 linear feet
  • Pool Surface Area- 1000 square feet
  • Pool Capacity-~ 37,500 gallons
  • Spa Size- 12’ x 9’
  • Spa Perimeter- 42 linear feet
  • Spa Capacity ~2861 gallons
  • Pool And Spa Interior Finish- Cadet Blue Signature Matrix Mini Pebble

Also included in this project are all the necessary automation components for filtration, sanitization, and cleaning of both the pool and spa. It is also important to note that there was an existing pool on the property that required demolition, removal, and haul off fees, which were included in the 250k budget.

Added Features

When you purchase a pool from any licensed pool builder, there are specific items included in every pool and every contract. Things like the excavation, rebar, shotcrete, and standard plumbing are all a part of every pool. But, when working with the UNIQUE team, you will quickly discover that this list of necessities is just the beginning of your custom pool, spa, and outdoor living space. In the case of this 250k project, some of the added features of the pool and spa include:

  • Baja Step
  • Bullnose Travertine Coping
  • Upgraded Waterline Tile
  • An Elevated Spa Installation
  • Spa Spillway
  • Swim Up Bar With Barstools
  • Upgraded Lighting
  • Screen Logic System For Wireless Integration

Added Fun

Day or night, this massive water feature and water slide are the clear focal point of this project. Very few features add this much visual impact and an equal level of fun.

Everything listed above covered the nuts and bolt of this amazing swimming pool and spa. But, our clients wanted to include a few other fun features in this 250k UNIQUE project. The most eye-catching of these features is the massive waterfall and water slide. This feature creates the ambiance and feel of a tropical oasis. And it provides the space that keeps younger swimmers entertained for countless hours of fun. And the fun is not limited to the pool in this fantastic Chandler yard. Grab a putter and head over to the multi-hole artificial turf putting green after your swim, retire to the ramada for a snack, and catch a movie on the flat-screen TV.

Why Choose UNIQUE

Most consumers will agree that 250k is a substantial investment in a pool, spa, and outdoor living space. But when you consider all of the uses and enjoyment that the investment provides, it is a bit easier to swallow. However, savvy shoppers want to know what their 250k investment will look like before they begin writing checks. This is where the UNIQUE design team really shines. Not only do our designers have decades of experience creating prize-winning outdoor projects, but they also have the support of a full CADD team. So you will be able to see your design on paper and even take a virtual tour of the project before signing the contract and committing your hard-earned money. To learn more about the design/build process, click here or call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation with a UNIQUE designer.