March is the perfect month to make sure that your outdoor living space is ready to step up for a summer of fun and relaxation outdoors. Grilling, watching the Final Four, and relaxing in the spa are what March is all about

In Phoenix, March Madness is all about getting your yard and outdoor living space ready for the 100+ degree temps that will be arriving soon and remaining in the Valley of the Sun for the next five to six months. This means that your landscape will need a little bit of TLC. And so will your outdoor living structures. But after putting in the time and maybe a small financial investment, you will reap the reward by enjoying the coming summer in your little slice of Phoenix paradise. If you think that your landscape and outdoor living area might need a bit more work than you can handle, take a moment to call 480-969-1911 or click here to complete the online request form for a free consultation. A UNIQUE design specialist will come to your home and provide you will an assessment of your outdoor area and suggestions to update, renovate, and enhance your property before summer is in full swing.

Time For Spring Planting

Visit the Desert Botanical Garden plant sale to discover some amazing native plants that will thrive in your Phoenix landscape.

March is a critical month for planting in Phoenix. If you are a vegetable gardener, March is your last opportunity to get your cool-season veggies in the ground. Sowing carrot, beet, radish, green onion, leaf lettuce, and spinach seeds will allow these plants a full two months of growth so that you can harvest before the intense heat arrives. Late March is also the time to be planting pumpkin, cucumber, squash, and melons. And be sure to have tomatoes in place before the end of the month to ensure successful pollination before the heat of summer is upon us.

March is also an optimal time for making the larger additions to your landscape, such as shrubs and trees. To provide even more potential for pollination of your veggies, think about adding a few yellow butterfly bushes to your yard. These beautiful specimens attract all of the butterflies and bees that your produce needs for a bumper crop this year. And if you would prefer a vine to attract the pollinators, consider the fragrant Arabian Jasmine to please your plants and your guests. And if you are looking for a UNIQUE specimen to add to your landscape, consider visiting the Desert Botanical Gardens spring plant sale, which is held on March 21 and 22.

March Is Feeding Time For Your Landscape

Nothing completes your outdoor living space better than a beautiful green lawn. But grass this beautiful only happens with proper care.

It’s time to fertilize all citrus trees with one-third of their yearly supply of nitrogen. The other two feedings should occur in May and then in late August. Before applying fertilizer to your trees, take a few minutes to make sure that the irrigation is functioning correctly, as you will need to thoroughly water in the fertilizer. You can learn more about fertilizing your citrus trees properly by reading the Citrus Fertilization Chart provided by the U of A Cooperative Extension.

March is also the month when you will begin to wake your grass from its winter nap. The first step is to apply fertilizer, followed by a proper deep watering. As the month progresses, it will be time to begin regular mowing as well. Proper mowing, watering, and fertilization are all critical to having a lush lawn, especially in the desert. To learn more about proper lawn care in the Phoenix area, click here to read information and tips compiled by the Arizona Municipal Water Users Association Regional Water Conservation Program.

Caring For Your UNIQUE Outdoor Structures

After your spring cleaning is completed, your outdoor kitchen and dining area will be ready for countless hours of enjoyment entertaining or just enjoying a quiet dinner al fresco.

March is the perfect time for spring cleaning outdoors as well as indoors. The weather is pleasant but not too hot, so cleaning your outdoor living spaces won’t feel like such a chore. Spraying off your seating areas, shade structures, and BBQ are all fast and easy. This is also an excellent time to inspect your grill to make sure that it is clean and functional for the coming grilling season.

If you find that your grill is not functioning correctly or is very outdated, call the pros at UNIQUE to discuss a new grill installation before you miss out on the first great weekend BBQ of 2020! We can be reached at 480-969-1911 or click here and complete the online request form, and a UNIQUE designer will contact you to schedule a free consultation at your home.

March is the perfect time to clean your grill and outdoor kitchen so it is ready for your first big cookout of the year. With a little cleaning your grill can look brand new again.

March is one of the best months of the year when you live in Phoenix. The weather is getting warmer, but it is not too hot to enjoy being outdoors with an average high of 77 gorgeous degrees. But very shortly, it will be too warm to be sprucing up your landscape and outdoor living space without working up a good sweat. So tackle these to-do items in March, and don’t forget to check out the annual plant sale at the Desert Botanical Garden. And to answer any questions you might have about updating your landscape before summer arrives, call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation with a member of the UNIQUE design team.