The tiny house movement has arrived and is taking over much of the programming on channels such as HGTV, DIY and even TLC. But for most people, the idea of downsizing to a few hundred square feet is just not even imaginable. In fact, many homeowners in Arizona have a swimming pool that is larger than 300 square feet. But there are some other great uses for these tiny additions that would increase your property value as well as meet some other, more personal wants and need.

The She Shack or Man Cave

In recent years a new term has been coined to describe the room where the guys go to watch football, throw darts, play poker, watch a race or swap fishing stories over a few beers. The Man Cave has become that masculine space for guys to gather, socialize and just relax away from all of the distractions of work and the outside world. And the feminine counterpart to the man cave has now begun to have a strong following as well. The She Shack is a place for ladies to get away from the daily grind. You might picture these posh spaces as a tiny little private spa, reading nook or wine bistro depending on the taste and favorite activity of the She Shack Queen. If your home is lacking space for a She Shack, a Man Cave, or both, then adding a tiny house or two to your property is the perfect way to create these relaxing environments.

Music Space

Every parent hopes that his or her youngster will be a natural when it comes to playing a musical instrument. That image of the prodigal child who can just pick up any instrument and have it come alive with beautiful music is something that every parent secretly hopes for but only a very rare few receive. All of the other parents are punished for their secret desire each day as their child practices an instrument and creates sounds that are reminiscent of the those echoing from an ancient torture chamber. But the addition of a tiny house and some sound-proofing can make all of those hours of auditory anguish disappear. And as the children reach the rebellious teenage years, the entire band will have a place to “practice” without causing chaos as dogs howl throughout the neighborhood and adults cover their ears.

A Pool House

What could be more covenant than a tiny house out by the pool? It offers a great place for changing into pool attire, a kitchen for cool drinks and the quick preparation for some afternoon snacks and even a cool retreat for the adults while the kids continue to enjoy the pool. And a large window with indoor-outdoor bar area is a great place to serve drinks and snacks. Add an outdoor shower on the back and the pool house is the perfect place to spend the day. No need to enclose your covered patio, just add a tiny pool house and begin enjoying this new living space.

Build Your Owner Perfect Space

The point is that adding a freestanding tiny house to your property allows you to create the space of your dreams without the hassles of trying to make an addition to your home look as though it was not an afterthought. And there will be no intrusion into your home or your routine as the tiny house is constructed, unlike with a home addition  Maybe the tiny house will be an art studio for a talented child now and then become a pool house or Man Cave when your child heads off to college. Your options are endless and the best part is that your investment is going to increase your property’s function and value.

How To Add A UNIQUE Feature to Your Property

As a fully licensed general contractor, there is no one better to build your backyard addition than the UNIQUE Company. As the leaders in design and construction of outdoor living spaces in Arizona, it only makes sense to speak to the UNIQUE design team about adding a functional structure to your backyard. There is no better way to ensure that your “tiny” addition will be aesthetically pleasing and blend seamlessly into your existing landscape. From potting sheds to cabanas or a She Shack, think about adding a tiny feature to your backyard while also adding functionality and value to your property.