Protecting your pool and spa as well as your outdoor living spaces is as simple as calling your insurance agent to update your homeowner’s insurance policy.

The mild winter climate makes Arizona a prime location for anyone who loves to enjoy the great outdoors year-round. Your UNIQUE pool and spa make surviving the heat of our desert summer possible. And a UNIQUE outdoor structure is the perfect way to enjoy being outside in the fall, winter, and spring. In many cases, these structures allow you to create outdoor rooms that are used as often, if not more than your den, family room, or living room indoors. Features like an outdoor kitchen, audio and video equipment, and luxurious furnishings can turn a ramada or pergola into a living space that is as functional and comfortable as any room inside your home. And it can include items with significant value. So it only makes sense to be sure that your homeowner’s insurance covers your outdoor living space and features too.

 Most homeowner’s insurance policies will include the phrase “and other structures” when defining what is covered under the policy. It will be worded similar to the following:

“The residence located at 234 Your Street and other structures located on the property.”

This definition means that your additional structures or outdoor features are insured against the same kinds of damage as your home. But you will need to read the fine print or call your insurance agent to learn exactly what that company includes in their definition of other structures and what damage is covered.

What UNIQUE Outdoor Living Spaces Are Often Covered

Built-in features such as a swimming pool and spa are normally very easy to include in your policy. Outdoor living spaces such as the beautiful ramada are also included in most policies.

While all insurance companies are a little different and word their policies a bit differently, there are some outdoor structures that most homeowners insurance policies generally cover.

  • Fencing
  • A Detached Garage
  • A Gazebo
  • A Ramada
  • In-ground Swimming Pool

As a rule, you can consider any permanent structure on your property as covered. And any feature that is mobile or not permanent as an item that is not covered under your homeowner’s policy. As an example, an in-ground spa that is attached to your swimming pool would be covered under your homeowner’s policy. However, an above ground spa that is not part of a swimming pool but is free standing would not be included. This can vary from company to company and also from one region of the country to another. So it is always best to an err on the side of caution and speak to your insurance agent to be sure that you are covered.

Don’t Forget To Update Your Insurance

Even though this Jacuzzi is built above ground for easy access, it is a built-in and permanent feature so it would be covered under most homeowner’s insurance policies.

As with your home, when you add a new feature to your backyard, such as an outdoor kitchen or a new ramada, you need to contact your insurance agent and update your policy. Most insurance premiums are based on the value of the covered property. So you need to provide the value of your UNIQUE addition to your outdoor living area. If you fail to update your policy, and then have an issue such as storm damage or a fire, you are likely to find that the insurance company will not cover your addition.

What Type Of Damage To Your UNIQUE Outdoor Living Space Is Covered

Be sure to include a list of all valuable appliances, electronics and features that are included in your outdoor living structures so that you have adequate insurance to replace anything of a claim.

Most homeowners choose to cover their homes against fire damage, damage from lightning, vandalism, theft, and even storm damage. Again, some of the natural disasters might not be covered in your area. But in general, if you can protect your house from it, then you can protect your UNIQUE outdoor living spaces and structures from it. Just be sure that your outdoor living structures and features, along with the value of your home, do not exceed the maximum limit on your policy. To learn more about creating your dream outdoor living space, click here or call 480-969-1911 to set up a free consultation with a UNIQUE design specialist.  

Be sure to provide your insurance agent with a detailed description of your outdoor living space to insure that it can be rebuilt with the same attention to detail and features. Including a copy of your UNIQUE purchase agreement is a great way to document the value of the space for insurance purposes.