As you begin to think about the design of your UNIQUE swimming pool, spa, and outdoor living space, don’t forget to consider including an island. And while this will not be a tropical island in the most real sense of the term, our expert design team can create your ideal tropically themed oasis. Or any Mediterranean, desert, or other themes that might appeal to you. But the crown jewel of your pool and outdoor living space is sure to be the custom island. To learn more, call 490-969-1911 or click here.

Your Home Away From Home

Once the concept of an island in your swimming pool has started to make sense, and even seem intriguing, your mind begins to wonder how this mini-island could be used. And one of the most common reasons to construct an island in your pool is to build a tiny home away from home. Or in the case of a tropical style island, a cabana or pool house. The options and amenities on your island are only limited by your imagination. The pros at UNIQUE have designed and built outdoor structures that include open-air living spaces or what could be called outdoor really great rooms. Complete with outdoor TVs, movie projectors, and sound systems, you will never need to venture inside to catch the game or watch the latest movie.

Our customers also like to include an outdoor kitchen, snack area, BBQ island, or dining space. These convenient spaces make it fun and simple to prepare a full meal or grab a snack, but they also save your indoor spaces from water and dirt carried in via your family and guests. Refrigerators, ice boxes, sinks, kegerators, grills, and warming drawers are all features that can make your day at the pool much more enjoyable and functional.

Let’s Play A Round

Another exciting feature for your UNIQUE island is a putting green. Children and adults alike will love strolling over a custom bridge to play a round on your artificial turf putting course. This immaculate surface never needs water or maintenance. And it is always the perfect visual contrast to complement your pool and landscape.

More Than Just A Fire Pit

Everyone knows that there is nothing better than a fire pit to add ambiance and character to a space. But when you place that fire pit on an island in the center of your swimming pool, the impact is exponential. Picture walking across a bridge lit by only tiki torches to access your custom designed fire pit and seating area. This spot will ensure that your children love family time away from electronics. S’mores, sharing stories, and just chatting face to face will replace nights spent texting and instant messaging while watching tv.

The Ultimate Place To Relax

After a long day at work, or any day, imagine walking out to your custom designed UNIQUE spa to relax and unwind. The water is gurgling and just warm enough to melt away any knotted muscles and wash away all the stress of your day. From your private island, you have a magnificent 360 degree of your pool, outdoor living space, and your landscape. Nothing could be better than ending each day with a visit to the spa retreat on your private island.

Bonus Features You Can Include

Think about adding water jets or even a water canon to your private UNIQUE island to bring out the kid in all of your guests and family members. Water jets are installed in the decking, and each one creates a UNIQUE feature that dances into your swimming pool. At night, this feature only gets better when custom lighting adds color to these arching jets of water. And what kid would not enjoy defending his or her UNIQUE island from pirates with a water jet? These fun toys are often a favorite at water parks and playgrounds, but you can include one on your UNIQUE private island.

You might never have thought of including an island in the design of your UNIQUE swimming pool and outdoor living space design. But now that you know the option exists, how can you pass up the opportunity to own a private island? Ask your UNIQUE design specialist about your options and the features that will make the island your perfect oasis. Click here or call 480-969-1911 to schedule your free private island initial consultation.