Unique Pool

Unique Pool


1 Waterproofing – Our pools & spas are made using high strength shotcrete with fiber mesh, which if cured properly, can achieve strengths of 6500PSI; but, concrete pools are not “waterproof” by nature. A large portion of pools built each year have small undetectable leaks that cause premature damage to swimming pool components, rebar & shell. With the use of Aquron’s CPSP Concrete Shell Protector, and our sealant at all pool penetrations – our pools are guaranteed to be 100% waterproof!

2PCC 2000 Cleaning – Paramount Pool & Spa System’s PCC2000 Cleaning & Circulation System is currently the ONLY “patented” swimming pool in-floor cleaning system because of its patented debris collection zone, oversized cleaning heads, and 99% money-back cleaning guarantee. There are only a few select builders across the US that are authorized to install arguably the BEST cleaning system on the planet! We are proud to offer our clients the PCC2000 Cleaning System.

3Wet Edge Pool Finishes – Beautiful pool finishes! Unique has partnered with Wet Edge because of their ability to provide our clients with 5 Amazing Pool Finishes. From a durable pebble finish to our preferred “polished” pebble product – which allows the durability of pebble, but the amazing smooth pool feel. Unique’s showroom has a wall of Wet Edge Interior samples with many different choices to choose from ensuring you find an amazing look for your new pool.

4Pentair Automation – Pentair has always been known as the industry leader in swimming pool products & automation. Since all of our projects are custom, Pentair offers amazing products that fit our clients budget as well as their ultimate desire to completely control the backyard using home automation. Combine that with Unique’s 3-year warranty on all Pentair products, there is no other choice on such an important investment.

5Project Management & Scheduling – Communication between owner, office, field supervisors, crew & subcontractors makes for a streamlined project. With our online project management system, our clients have FULL ACCESS to their project – from construction plans, material selections, finances, and project contacts – all online. Our system allows for everyone to be on the same page, from start to finish (and years after!) In fact, our follow-up system is automated, and keeps our clients fully informed of their investment, their warranties, and any updates for years after they make their final payment. How many companies do you know that will send you a reminder BEFORE your warranty expires? We do!

6Integration with Landscape & Hardscape – This is probably our single biggest asset! All of our pools are designed with your complete backyard in mind. Planning your entire project before you install a pool is the best way to make sure you have taken everything into consideration.

7Engineered to Last – All aspects of what we build have been meticulously designed, built, and tested over the years. As an engineer, our owner has studied what works and what stands the test of time; and has re-designed the areas that do not. Every project goes through a rigid review of our construction department, trained by Unique’s owner, a civil engineer. A construction plan is then developed for each project, and reviewed and approved by both designer, homeowner, as well as Unique’s owner. After 20 years of experience in swimming pools, landscape & general construction – our owner gives each project a level of scrutiny to ensure it’s designed & built to last!

8Truly Custom Pools & Spas – Unique Custom Pools does not mass-produce swimming pools. In fact, we focus on about 80 to 100 custom pools & spas per year – all of which have some integration with our landscape & patio projects. With that being said, we have a greater focus on our swimming pool design & engineering than most companies. We are the best source for complicated projects – guaranteed! Each year, Unique successfully integrates more swim-up bars, negative edge pools, lazy rivers, and extreme challenges than any other Arizona pool builder.

9Industry Status & Company Financials – Over the past 12 years, we have developed into a financially stable company that is built to withstand the test of time. We have seen many companies come & go, and there are truly only a few companies in town that have stood the changing economy. Before investing in any project, it’s best to know who you are hiring. Can they financially finish the project & warranty it? Our “OPEN DOOR” policy allows our clients & “potential” clients the opportunity to come to our office and review our company finances, employees, subcontractors, and any other information one might need to understand that Unique is the company for you! In fact, we are only one of a few landscape & pool companies that owns our own property, building & equipment.

10Our Design Team – We are very proud to have some of the most skilled landscape & pool designers in the valley. With the philosophy of “working together as a TEAM”, Unique is able to provide our clients with some of the best, well-planned, thought-out pool & landscape ideas in Arizona. Each designer is well-versed in all aspects of pool & landscape construction – which is a “Unique” asset (since outdoor designers usually are heavy on either pool or landscape experience – not many understand both).

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