An outdoor shower can be a unique addition to your backyard design, and at the same time help to keep your swimming pool clean. Before you swim, it’s a good idea to rinse off to minimize the amount of dirt, grass and oils you’ll track into the pool. And after a full day of swimming, you’ll want to wash all the pool chemicals off your body. Tanning oils and sunscreen make your skin feel oily and chlorine leaves your hair feeling brittle and dry, so a pool shower is the perfect solution.

Plumbing can dictate the site of your shower. A shower on a deck near the kitchen or bathroom or on a ground-floor patio off the laundry room means you can tap into existing hot- and cold-water lines. One placed in a remote cluster of trees requires digging a trench and running pipe to the destination. The average outdoor shower doesn’t require special fixtures and doesn’t have to cost a penny more than an indoor shower, but, depending on the design and local building codes, there may be drainage issues to consider.

Outdoor Shower Types
The best outdoor showers take advantage of the natural beauty of the surroundings. Unique Companies build stationary outdoor showers. They can come with an enclosure that affords greater privacy or left open. They are connected to an outdoor plumbing line and to the plumbing system of the home and can have a drainage system to the sewer or drain right into your landscape. Beautifully designed of stone, travertine tile or wood, pool showers will complement any backyard decor.