An in-ground spa is basically a pool used all year round. It can be used as either a social party gathering or a private relaxation environment at the end of a long day. Spas can be vital therapy for medical problems too. Your spa may prove to be the most versatile water feature for your outdoor living.

Gunite Spas
A gunite spa is just like a pool but smaller. Unique Companies can install a gunite spa all by itself or integrate it into a larger swimming pool so the two can share heating and filtration systems. These spas are more expensive but offer unlimited options for size, shape and detailing.
Spas are often integrated into a large pool and used to create water features where the two bodies of water connect. With the unique modern design pools, this visible dividing wall is disappearing in order to create a highly reflective surface in a simple rectangular shape. The wall that separates the spa from the pool water tops out just millimeters below the surface of the pool water so there won’t be any visible difference between the two.  Other unique spas are built multi-level creating beautiful cascading waterfalls into the pool.

Everyone loves the style, durabilty, and ease of maintenance of a custom gunite or concrete spa. But until now there have always been drawbacks – limited comfort, limited jetting options, and no customization options. Well, JetPaks change all of that!
3 reasons JetPaks make your custom spa better:
1. Customization with easily interchangeable jets
2. Real hydrotherapy and relaxing massages
3. Contoured seating for maximum comfort

Unique companies build spas using 10 to 15 Waterway Jets at different levels in the spa. Waterway Jets have different interchangeable nozzles that give you different therapy and pulsating action and stream flows and more. The design options for spas are as varied and unlimited as the options for a custom swimming pool. For a complimentary design consultation, call us at 480-969-1911