Your swimming pool – it’s pretty to look at, but to really get the most out of your pool, it should be fun, too! Whether you have kids in the pool, or your swimming pool is more of an adult playground, diving boards and water slides definitely amp up the fun factor!

Diving Boards
Diving boards have been a swimming pool standard for several years and can provide hours of fun in a backyard pool.
Nothing is more fun for kids, than lining up behind the diving board – taking turns showing off their best dives. Pools with diving boards can be dangerous however, especially for young kids, showing off their diving skills. This is why a diving pool must be specifically constructed to have a deep end of at least 8 feet, and a long slope, to prevent hitting the bottom on a deep dive. Unique Companies installs diving boards that blend in with the pool decking. They are built right into the decking so you don’t even notice there is a diving board in the project.

Water Slides
Jumping into a pool is great, but sliding into your pool on a custom slide is even BETTER! Unique Companies instal high-quality fiberglass slides that provide a long-lasting attraction to your in-ground pool.
A custom pool requires a custom-made slide. Our expertise means you will get a unique slide built specifically for your in-ground pool, with a matching rock waterfall. Our slides turn a simple residential pool into a backyard water park. A slide will not only add value to your pool and property but it also gives you another excuse to go for a swim.