I bet you thought swim-up bars were something only seen at resorts. It turns out, you might not be hanging out with the right crowd. Unique Companies can build bars nestled right up to your outdoor swimming pool. Why shiver when getting a refill on your beer, when you can have one in your hand after a couple strokes?

Unique Companies can even include barstools right in the water, so you can have a seat while hanging out with your friends. Most of our swim-up bars are attached to outdoor kitchens, so you can enjoy a drink and a burger all without leaving your pool!

Our swim up bars and pool bars are truly unique and custom designed for each of our projects. Our professional tile settings and outdoor kitchen builders are standing by to develop and build some of our kitchen quality counter tops, tables and bars for the bar area of our projects. The sunken area requires retaining walls, and masonry work – who better to do this than a landscape contractor & masonry company (UNIQUE!).