Phoenix offers some of its most enjoyable outdoor time in the winter months. The temperature is very pleasant, the bugs are absent and the evening breeze is finally cool and refreshing. The only problem is that the days are getting shorter and dusk appears long before most homeowners have the opportunity to enjoy their outdoor living space. You can reclaim these perfect hours of enjoyment outside simply by adding UNIQUE professional outdoor lighting to your property.

Gone are the days of “runway” lights lining your driveway and sidewalk. Today’s lighting is created to offer subtle washes of light to focal points and paths without the blazing hot spots from the old style lighting fixtures. Now there is much more of a science behind designing outdoor lighting. Adding depth perception and space to a dark yard allows guests to enjoy the size and scope of the space as well as the beauty of specimen plants and architectural features which are lost in the darkness. In addition, the use of overlapping light sources allows your eye to see much more detail and depth in an object. Proper lighting will transform what appears to be a flat surface into a surface full of intricate shapes and features. A professional UNIQUE lighting design will illuminate your yard for nightly enjoyment and can even be upgraded to offer color features for special occasions.

Long summer days seem to revolve around outdoor activities and enjoying your outdoor living space. But short days and hectic winter schedules often result in only an occasional visit to the patio, veranda or Ramada on the weekends. But with professional UNIQUE outdoor lighting you can enjoy these features any evening. And you will also have the comfort of knowing that any guests who arrive at your home after dark will be able to safely navigate their path to your door without worry of falling at a dark step or turn of the sidewalk. Call or email today to set up an appointment with a member of the UNIQUE design team to learn how adding UNIQUE lighting can provide you with additional security and beauty throughout your property each night.