With the holiday season just around the corner you are certain to be planning your holiday festivities very soon. To make this year’s gathering a UNIQUE one to remember forever, be sure to take advantage of the great climate here in Phoenix by taking the party outdoors! Nothing is better than fresh air, friends, family and food enjoyed in your outdoor living space.
You Can Deck More than Just the Halls!

Even without snow and cold weather you can transform your outdoor living space into a UNIQUE holiday wonderland. Evergreen wreaths and garland will add both a holiday look and smell to the space. And adding a few strands of outdoor lights will ensure a festive feel. If you have always wanted a live Christmas tree but don’t want to deal with pine needles in your home, then consider decorating a live tree in your outdoor living space. You will be able to enjoy the beauty and traditional look of a live tree without the mess it can create inside your home. And children will love hanging their stockings on an outdoor fireplace. But don’t forget to leave a plate of cookies out for Santa!

Enjoy a Roaring Fire

Rarely is it cold enough in the valley to enjoy a huge fire in your indoors, but a holiday party is the perfect time to enjoy a big fire in your outdoor fireplace or fire pit. Children will enjoy starting a new family tradition of roasting marshmallows and drinking hot cocoa at the holidays. And adults will enjoy sipping a Hot Toddy, warm spiced rum or warm cider. You will find guests of all ages drawn to the dancing flames, the cozy atmosphere and a warmth that draws everyone near. And there is no better place to enjoy Christmas Carols than at the fireside.

Holiday BBQ Treats

With the party moving outdoors, don’t forget that you can move your holiday cooking outdoors as well. Your BBQ grill can provide much more UNIQUE fare than just burgers and hot dogs on the 4th of July. BBQ shrimp is a great dish for your holiday party. Not only is it easy to eat from the skewers but it is also a very healthy choice. Another awesome finger food for the holidays is Smokey BBQ Meatballs. These are easy to make ahead and just keep warm on the top rack of the grill. And don’t forget about the great vegetarian fair that your guests will love. Marinated grilled veggies can be cooked on skewers for a great finger food or in a pan and served buffet style. And no holiday gathering is complete without a few amazing deserts. Try a new twist on grilled bananas that everyone will love. Or your guests might prefer to try some desert pizza which can easily be made on any grill or in an outdoor pizza oven.

Enjoy Your Holiday in the Great Outdoors

All too often, the heat of desert keeps parties and gatherings indoors. So take advantage of the perfect weather this holiday season and enjoy your outdoor living space with family and friends. Don’t be afraid to blaze a new trail and begin to create UNIQUE new traditions that complement the outdoor lifestyle everyone in Phoenix loves. A few decorations and exciting new menu selections will ensure that your guests enjoy themselves and look forward to continuing the new tradition of celebrating the holiday season in your beautiful outdoor living space.