The clean straight lines of this pool make it the perfect choice for the limited space in this backyard. The more formal ramada matches the architecture of the home and provides a great place to relax.

Designing your outdoor oasis should be an exciting process as you plan for your dreams to be constructed in your own backyard. You would think that with the images in your head, it should be easy to put the style into words and then sit back and let the UNIQUE craftsmen do the rest. But it can be challenging to get the ball rolling when you first meet your UNIQUE designer. Each of our designers has years of experience helping customers, just like yourself, design the perfect outdoor living space for his or her yard. So don’t worry that you are not well educated on pool terms, the botanical names of the plants that you like, or even the different types of pools. Our pros will help you get all of the images and relevant information from inside your brain to the design phase in a fun and relaxed manner. So call 480-969-1911 today to schedule a free consultation with one of our very talented designers. Or click here to complete our online consultation request form.

When we use the term oasis, most people think of a very lush, tropical setting. But for our purposes, an oasis is a retreat, refuse, or sanctuary that appeals to you and is created in a style that is pleasing to you. It might be lush and tropical or it could be very minimalist and desert-like. All that really matters is that it speaks to you and beckons to you to come in, relax and rejuvenate. Thinking of your backyard as an outdoor extension of your home is a great way to begin to establish the look and feel that will offer you the most comfort and enjoyment. Now we will explore some of the very general choices and options that you will have as you work with your UNIQUE designer to create your perfect outdoor living space.

Formal Or Casual?

This freeform pool makes great use of this curved lot. The natural boulders add interest and character to the minimalist landscape.

This is a super general question, but it is the basis for your entire design. Again, thinking about how you live inside your home, do you eat in a formal dining room each night, or are you happy taking your plate into the great room and sitting on a comfy sofa while you dine? In a more formal outdoor living design, you will have designated spaces that very much like separate rooms in your house. The BBQ and outdoor kitchen will be in one area, and there will be another separate space for dining. Another space will serve as an entertaining and relaxation area. It will be the outdoor equivalent of your living room.

If you are like a more casual setting, you could elect to have a single large space that includes the BBQ, outdoor kitchen, and eating area. You might also consider adding a bar to the grilling area so that everyone is free to hang out together and relax. This area could also incorporate some entertaining space, such as lounge chairs or a large outdoor couch. In most cases, a more casual design allows for greater flexibility in one or two larger areas rather than several formal spaces that each have a single purpose.

Your Pool Will Also Be Designed According To Your UNIQUE Style

This pergola offers a great place for a casual gathering. The fireplace makes this an idea spot to enjoy in the winter even with the open ceiling.

Classic or formal pool styles offer clean lines and geometric shapes. Squares and rectangles are the norm but can also add a semicircular side, but they are always symmetrical. The interior of most pools is some shade of blue, but you can also lean toward a more green hue or even a darker tan or brown. Solid color waterline tile will add a final framing to the pool neatly and cleanly. You can also elect to add a spa to your formal pool. The spa is usually a perfect square and can sit adjacent to the pool, but separate, or it can spill over into the pool.

If you are looking for a more casual style pool, the freeform or lagoon-style is likely to be very pleasing to your eye. This pool mimics the random curves and arches of a pond or natural body of water. A freeform pool is an excellent choice for a yard that offers an unusual shape and allows you to shape the pool to fit the space that you have to work with. Adding a spa to a freeform pool is a great way to get the most bang for your buck. These spas are generally circular and blend in as just another one of the curves of the pool footprint.

Don’t’ Forget A Shade Structure

This formal pool includes curves at each end but remains very clean and traditional because of its symmetry.

The three main shade structures that we offer at UNIQUE include the ramada, pergola, and palapa. The ramada is an outdoor shade structure with a covered fully-enclosed roof, generally matching the architecture and materials used in the existing house structure. It has four supporting columns or posts, and the sides are open. This structure can be constructed in a formal style to match your house precisely. It can include features such as entertainment systems, a ceiling fan, lighting, a customer fireplace, and outdoor kitchen features.

A pergola is an outdoor shade structure with an open trellis or ceiling, generally constructed of wood, with large wood beams and wood rafters for the ceiling. It has four supporting columns or posts and open sides. This structure is less formal than the ramada but can also be upgraded to include lighting, a ceiling fan, fireplace, and outdoor seating.

The palapa is a tropical shade structure or “umbrella,” which is built with pine-peeled posts and palm leaves. This structure can be an umbrella with a single post or constructed with multiple support posts in the case of a larger palapa. It is definitely a very casual structure that lends itself well to a tropical motif. Palapas are often found along the beach and serve as small bars, restaurants, or shops.

With the basics decided, the overall tone of the space, and the type of pool and shade structure, you can begin to plug in smaller features such as a fire pit or fireplace, a fountain or waterfall, and the plants that you like. Again, remember that there are more options and choices than you ever imagined, but this is when your UNIQUE designer’s experience and expertise will become your greatest resource. He or she will guide you through the process by asking questions, showing you pictures, and making suggestions about features that might interest you. What is most important is that you relax and embrace the time and effort that you are investing in the creation of your custom UNIQUE oasis. And once the design is completed, sit back and enjoy watching your dream come to life. To begin your custom design, call 480-969-1911 today to schedule a free consultation with one of our very talented designers. Or click here to complete our online consultation request form.