Outdoor living is one of the best features of growing up in the valley. Kids enjoy over 300 days a year of great weather to enjoy being outdoors and being active. And parents are glad to invest in kid friendly features like a custom swimming pool, artificial turf, sports courts, sunken trampoline pits and splash pads to keep their kids entertained and exercising. But don’t forget that hard working parents need an outdoor oasis too. Talk to a UNIQUE designer today about adding a quiet space for you to relax and enjoy some time outdoors.

A small patio set away from the hustle and noise of the play area is a must for every parent. A ramada or other patio cover will provide enough shade for a few lounge chairs and mister system will make it the perfect escape even in the heat of the summer. You are close enough to supervise the play area but far enough away to avoid being splashed, spilled on or asked to fetch a ball, a soda or anything else the kids want.

This adult outdoor retreat can also be a great place to sit and enjoy a good book, listen to some music or even take a nap. It is great to have a kid friendly yard and the security of knowing that your kids are safe and having a great time, but parents need some time to relax and unwind. An outdoor living space for parents is the perfect way to forgo on the high cost of building a man cave or she shack without having to give up the concept of a quiet place for adults to relax and recharge. Contact a UNIQUE designer today to learn about all of the great features that can be included in your outdoor retreat.