A self-cleaning pool would be every pool owners dream. After all, you have a pool to enjoy swimming, not cleaning. But there will always be a certain amount of attention a pool requires, just as a car or even your home required some maintenance. But an in-floor cleaning system can greatly reduce the time and effort that you will need to invest in your pool, making it much easier to jump in for a quick swim after dinner or to enjoy a leisurely soak on the weekend.

How It Works

In-floor cleaning systems are built into the floor of a pool and are designed to clean the entire pool including the floor, steps and even the benches. This is done with pop up nozzles that spray jets of water throughout the pool to move debris to the drain. The pop up nozzles function sequentially, to continue to move the debris across the pool and into the drain. When not operating, the nozzles retract into the floor of the pool to eliminate any potential injuries to swimmers. Not only are these systems guaranteed to clean 99% of the pool but they also help to reduce the cost of heating your pool and the amount of chemicals that are required to keep your pool clean and looking great due to the improved water circulation.


There are many benefits to an in-floor cleaning system such as:

  • The cleaning cycle is automated so you never need to worry about having the time to go out to the pool to scrub it or remove debris. In addition, you have the peace of mind of knowing that your pool is being properly cleaned even when you are away from home for an extended period of time.
  • The regular cleaning helps to reduce the amount of chemicals required to keep your pool water clear and ready to swim in. If there is constantly dirt and debris in your pool water it can promote algae growth and cause the water to be dirty and cloudy which means that you will need additional chemicals to clean the water and make it safe to swim in. But the regular cleaning of an in-floor system eliminates this issue.
  • In addition to saving on chemicals, you will also be saving on the cost of electricity. An in-floor cleaning system is carefully designed to work very efficiently within the parameters of you pool. The designer accounts for the capacity of the pool as well as the shape to create a cleaning head layout that will provide maximum cleaning in a timely and efficient manner. Other cleaning systems such as the robot vacuum cleaner run in a random pattern and cannot guarantee complete cleaning or the time which would be required to clean the entire surface of your pool.

The purpose of installing a UNIQUE pool is to enjoy the fun and relaxation of a pool and not to create another chore. UNIQUE installs in-floor cleaning systems on over 90% off all of the pools that we build because we know that this is the most reliable way to ensure that our clients are happy with their pool and the care that it requires. The unbeatable warranty offered on the cleaning system components and the proven track record of the systems allows the UNIQUE design team to confidently include a cleaning system in each design knowing that it will meet and exceed all of our customers’ expectations and needs for a great looking and easy to maintain UNIQUE swimming pool.