Pergolas have been used for hundreds of years as a means of supporting plant material in an effort to create a shaded seating area or even a protected tunnel to allow access from one building to another in lights rain or bright sunlight. The pergolas of the past were most often a wooden structure with horizontal beams across the top. The more current day application of a pergola is a rustic structure with four large columns or posts. The support columns are most often constructed of wood and the top beams can also be made of wood. But there is now a much newer option which offers homeowners the ability to turn their shaded pergola into a closed ceiling structure at the flip of a switch. These louvered pergolas offer some great features that make them a perfect solution for your Arizona outdoor living space.

The Structure

Louvered pergolas use aluminum rather than wood beams for the top of the structure. This allows for very strong louvers which will not rust and can withstand hurricane force winds while still being able to open and close unlike the fixed wooden beams of a standard pergola. The support columns for the pergola are also constructed of aluminum but can be mounted on short columns constructed of wood or masonry to blend with the design of your home or other landscape features. The louvers are opened and closed using a small remote control and optional additions to the louvered pergola include a ceiling fan and lighting.

Multiple Functions from One Structure

A standard pergola can provide some shade once plant material has begun to grow over the top of the structure. But that process can take some time. And then homeowners are at the mercy of the plants for the amount of shade which can enjoy. But a louvered pergola provides the ability to completely open or close the louvers as well as selecting any angle in between. The louvers can be completely closed to provide full coverage in the event of rain or blazing sunlight, or they can be fully opened to allow the sun to enter the seating area such as on a cool fall day. Homeowners also have the option to partially open the louvers to allow a small amount of sunlight into the seating area as well as a nice amount of breeze for added air circulation. So this single structure can act as a true pergola or a fully covered patio area depending on the current weather conditions.

Abundant Uses

There are many great applications for a louvered pergola, including right out your back door. A covered patio is a feature that is included in many homes in the valley. But in the fall and winter, these full roof patios can block a great deal of light from entering windows at the back of your home. However, you can eliminate this gloomy look if you have a louvered pergola installed at the back of your home. Simply push a button on the remote control to open the louvers and let the sunshine into your home. Then in the summertime, you can block out the hot sunlight and keep your home cooler by completely closing the louvers.

Louvered pergolas are also a great addition to your pool area. The ability to open and close the louvers allows you to customize how much sun and heat you would like as you sit by your pool or even when enjoying a snack or meal outdoors. Add a louvered pergola over your spa and you can relax during the day, shaded from the harsh sunlight but then open the louvers in the evening to allow for more air circulation and a view of the stars.

Talk to your UNIQUE designer about adding a louvered pergola to your outdoor living space. This custom feature will add functionality to your outdoor living spaces and can be customized to any size and shape.