There are very few perfect properties in the Valley. In most cases, homeowners begin their search in a specific suburb or area of the valley because of its proximity to work or maybe a certain school. But from there, it can be very difficult to find a property which meets all of the criteria of your dream home. However, it is important to remember that most of the aspects of your outdoor living space can be customized and even camouflaged if need be, to create your perfect UNIQUE oasis.

The Noise of a Busy Street

It can be very disheartening to discover that the house that could be your dream home sits on a busy and noisy street. All that you picture is sitting on the patio and hearing the noise of traffic as you try to relax and enjoy your evenings. But the UNIQUE design team can transform that noisy yard into the peaceful outdoor living space that you are dreaming of. Plant material and privacy walls can be the perfect solution to street noise but that is not the only solution to creating a peaceful place to relax outdoors. Installing a free-standing water feature or a pool water feature is another great way to block out street noise and create a calm, peaceful environment.

The UNIQUE team has over a decade of experience designing and installing custom water features throughout the valley. All you need to do is sit down with a designer and discuss your design taste and style and then let the UNIQUE team do the rest. Thanks to Chris Griffin’s degree in engineering and his certification as on one of only 57 Genesis Watershape Designers in the world, any water feature that you can imagine can be engineered, designed and built by the UNIQUE team. Allow Chris and his design team to create a custom water feature that will eliminate all of your concerns about loud street noise and create the perfect outdoor living space to complete your next dream home.

Limited Usable Outdoor Space

As an engineer, Chris Griffin has the technical knowledge and expertise to create breathtaking outdoor living spaces on what was once an unusable hillside. Anyone can build a wall and fill in the area with dirt, but only an engineer can design the load bearing walls required to level out a hillside and create safe usable space. And not only can Chris create the perfect landscape design for the area, but he can also include a pool and spa in your design.  

One of the greatest benefits of selecting the UNIQUE Companies for your outdoor living space project is that this one company can do it all. Chris provides the in-house engineering and consults on the project designs, while his team of skilled craftsmen provides all of the additional work for the entire project including building structures, masonry work, plumbing, electrical and landscaping. And you can rest assured that all of this work is completed with great attention to detail and in compliance with all building codes because Chris, himself holds three contractors licenses including a landscape contractor, a pool contractor and a general contractor.

Don’t let a steep hillside or loud street noise stop you from buying your dream house. Purchase the house of your dreams, then call the UNIQUE design team to create the outdoor living space of your dreams.