This landscape palette focuses on native plants to add interest and color to a very environmentally responsible landscape. Low water plants are always a good selection near a pool or patio as well.

Living in Arizona, residents learn very quickly that the environment we enjoy here is perfect for outdoor living. However, that benefit won’t last forever, unless we decide to live more in harmony with the nature that we so appreciate. One of the most significant impacts that all homeowners can easily control is the landscape of their own home. However, it can be a steep learning curve if you are not well educated on the concepts of environmentally friendly landscape design.

Fortunately, Phoenix residents can contact the professional design team at UNIQUE when they are interested in creating a luxurious and environmentally friendly outdoor living space. With decades of experience working in the valley, each designer has the skills, knowledge, and expertise needed to assist you in creating your own private oasis, however, in a manner that will also be respectful and beneficial to the planet. As a full-service landscape company, UNIQUE is fully licensed to build any outdoor structures that you might be interested in as well as installing all of your hardscape and plantings. A single call to 480-969-1911 is all that you need to do to schedule a free design consultation. You can also click here to request a consultation online.

Planning Is Key To A UNIQUE Environmentally Friendly Landscape Design

This ramada is the perfect place to relax in the shade in the summer. The UNIQUE team will meet all your needs as the premier full-service landscape company in Phoenix.

While most homeowners have a general idea of the function and style of their dream backyard, most are not aware of the essential strategic locations for many of these features. Everyone loves to look out the window and see lush, beautiful trees. But did you know that strategically locating trees outside of windows can reduce your energy cost when cooling your home in the summer? Also, those same large trees can be used to shade your pool and keep it cooler and more comfortable in the summertime. Likewise, expertly locating a covered seating area near your home can provide shade and a cooling effect inside your home as well as outside. Your UNIQUE design professional is the perfect person to help you apply many environmentally conscious design features to your dream outdoor living space. These tips will save you money on future energy bills and help protect the planet.

Water Is Not An Unlimited Resource

Not all shade structures need to have a solid roof. This pergola offers shade at the BBQ island without obstructing the amazing view.

Here in Phoenix, we all know abstractly that water is not unlimited. However, we don’t always consider that fact in the way that we live our daily lives. Your UNIQUE designer will assist you in blending your desire for the perfect outdoor oasis with an environmentally responsible design. This does not mean giving up on a lush and beautiful yard. It simply means knowing the correct plants to use for water efficiency and beauty. With decades of experience and thousands of delighted customers, the UNIQUE design team works diligently to stay up to date on the latest planting and design information needed to create environmentally friendly landscape designs. Concepts such as installing artificial turf rather than natural grass, and using only native, drought-tolerant plants will significantly reduce the amount of water that you are using to keep your outdoor living space beautiful year-round. Call 480-969-1911 to schedule your free consultation to learn more about these great tips and more for designing your perfect outdoor space.

Added Benefits Of UNIQUE Environmentally Friendly Landscape Design

These drought tolerant plants combined with natural boulders create the perfect landscape around this desert pool.

The design pros at UNIQUE know that homeowners want to have a beautiful yard in addition to having one that is environmentally responsible. Each designer uses his or her talent and knowledge to create only the most inspiring and fabulous designs for UNIQUE clients. Plant selection focuses on far more than just water conservation. Our designers select plants that will provide a variety of colors, blooming seasons, textures, and sizes to ensure that your yard is always nothing short of a showplace. Also, our designers place equal effort and skill into the design of your irrigation system. Almost every plant palette will require some supplemental watering because of the infrequent rain in the valley. The design team at UNIQUE knows the water requirements of your plants as well as the latest in irrigation technology. This allows UNIQUE to install the most water-efficient system possible. You will be saving money on your water bill and conserving a very precious natural resource at the same time.

When you are ready to create a stunning outdoor living space that is as friendly to the environment as it is to you and your guests, click here to set up your free consultation with a UNIQUE design professional.