This landscape and pool, or poolscape, work together to create the perfect oasis for outdoor living in the heat of a Phoenix summer!

Living in the Phoenix area, your backyard is far more than just a few plants and some grass. Smart homeowners are converting several thousand square feet of wasted space into very functional outdoor living space. In some cases, this added square footage doubles the useful living space of their home. However, creating a seamless flow from indoors to outdoors requires some skill, experience, and expertise that homeowners do not possess. The solution is a simple call to 480-969-1911 or an email to request a free consultation with a UNIQUE Companies poolscape design specialist.

Poolscape is a UNIQUE form of landscape design which strives to blend native plant material into your pool area to create the perfect environment for relaxation and enjoyment. Added benefits of native plantings include a reduction in the amount and cost of landscape maintenance, less wasted water, a reduction in heating and cooling costs for your home and more. This environmentally friendly design concept, while very functional, also focuses on creating a beautiful and tranquil space. You will look forward to enjoying your retreat each night when you come home from another draining day at work.

Trust UNIQUE Companies Poolscape Specialist For Proper Plant Selection

Low water tolerance and low litter plants are important near your pool. Proper plant selection will meet these needs and provide the lush beauty that you desire.

Plant selection for a pool area can be tricky. Finding the correct balance of lush foliage without creating too much debris or a high demand for water requires expertise and a keen knowledge native of plant material. Your UNIQUE designer can make suggestions for low water plants near your pool that will add color and interest. Also, their robust root system to prevent erosion. Strategically placing larger trees around the pool and your home will provide much-needed shade in the summertime. This will aid in keeping the temperature of your pool water cooler and in reducing the cost to cool your home. Even locating natural grass panels around your home instead of concrete can have a considerable impact on the reflected heat, cooling costs, and your comfort when outdoors.

Proper Water For Your Poolscape

Low litter native plants create a living wall of greenery to provide beauty and privacy for this outdoor oasis.

Water is life for all things here in the southwest, but it is also a commodity that is in short supply. With a native plant palette and proper placement of these plants, your UNIQUE designer can significantly reduce the amount of water that your UNIQUE oasis will require. Not only will this save you money, but it will also help to conserve a most precious resource. Thoughtful plant placement will help to control soil erosion, focus irrigation water away from the foundation of your home, and control water runoff during monsoon season. Also, the best part of a UNIQUE design and construction project is that the irrigation system is custom-designed to meet the needs of your poolscape. The entire function of the watering will be managed by a state of the art irrigation controller, eliminating the need for you to hand water your new plants.

The UNIQUE Companies Poolscape Specialists Will Bring Your Dream To Life!

These native plants require very little water while adding color and texture to this poolscape. The complete package creates a relaxing and enjoyable outdoor living space for these homeowners.

Adding to your living space with a functional and beautiful poolscape is a smart and economical way to make the most of your property. A UNIQUE poolscape design specialist will guide you through the process of selecting native plants to create the look and feel that you have always dreamed of for your backyard. Careful plant placement, a professionally designed and installed irrigation system, and strategic hardscape features will not only create a visually pleasing oasis for your relaxation, but it will also provide a financial benefit. Reducing your homes cooling bills in the summer months and the amount of water you are using is good for your wallet and the environment. To learn more about a custom poolscape design from the UNIQUE Companies, call 480-969-1911 or email to request a free consultation.