Adding technology to your outdoor living space means the ability to enjoy a ballgame or movie without having to go indoors on a beautiful day or night. Enjoy great outdoor living and great entertainment.

Creating a functional outdoor living space means that you also bring all of the conveniences of your indoor living spaces outdoors. This can include many many aspects of technology now that wireless networks allow for total integration indoors as well as outdoors. So before you begin selecting all of the finishes and features of your outdoor oasis, give some thought to all of the activities and technology that you would like to enjoy while outdoors. Taking the time to refine your expectations early will ensure that your new outdoor living space meets all of your needs for fun, comfort, entertainment, and function.

The mild climate in Phoenix allows residents to enjoy being outdoors year round. And this added bonus can include much more than hanging out in the pool or enjoying a great meal al fresco. Homeowners who want to be able to work outdoors or enjoy entertainment such as television, movies or music, just need to plan for these features to be added into the plans for their outdoor living space design. Extending your home network and Internet capability to your yard opens up the doors for all of the entertainment and function that you enjoy in your home theater, home office or any room in your home. To learn more about adding technology to your outdoor living design, contact the UNIQUE design team for their tips and recommendations.

Adding An Access Point For Outdoor Technology

Adding a small access point (AP) to your outdoor living space will allow you to take all of your electronics outdoors. Now you can watch movies, listen to music and even work online, just as you do indoors.

In most homes, the signal for the WiFi is just not strong enough to function outdoors. And for heavy data users such as streaming video or high-speed Internet for work purposes, boosters and signal extenders are not going to be reliable. But the addition of an outdoor access point (AP) can provide the coverage that you want outdoors as well as the capacity and reliability needed for streaming audio and video. NETGEAR offers a wide variety of AP’s that can extend your complete connectivity to an extra 2,500 square feet. And all of the outdoor models offer a weather-resistant design and easy wall mounting capability. And Phoenix homeowners will be happy to know that the Orbi Outdoor Satellite unit will handle the dust that is so prevalent in the areas as they are rated to an international standard of IP56.

Mountable Outdoor Technology For Your Outdoor Living Space

This outdoor living space provides a great place to watch the game or a movie with friends. It is also the perfect place to take advantage of the solitude when working from home.

With Internet service to your outdoor living spaces, the next important selection is for the hardware to enjoy music, sports, movies and any other entertainment that you select. Magnolia offers a great selection of outdoor televisions that are designed for the tough climate that Phoenix homeowners endure. These televisions include Enhanced Solar Tolerance which means that they will withstand the heat of a Phoenix summer as well as special glare protection and features that enhance the image for viewing even in full sun. The powder-coated aluminum and water resistant cable entry system ensure that you can enjoy sports, movies and TV shows outdoors and with great sound from the detachable, weather resistant sound bar. Now movie night can be enjoyed from the pool, in the Ramada or anywhere else that you choose to locate your outdoor big screen TV and speakers.

Add A New Twist To Working From Home Thanks To New Technology

Never miss your favorite TV show. Relax on a stool in the pool or by the fire pit as you watch this outdoor television. And Never worry that dust or hot weather will damage these purpose built outdoor televisions.

We all know and love the benefits of being able to work from home. There is no tiresome commute, the countless interruptions from co-workers are eliminated and the coffee is certainly better. And according to, working from home is also a benefit to your employer as it has been found to be the most productive work arrangement. And what could be more inspiring than sitting in your outdoor living room while you work on that proposal or review the latest report from your boss? Outdoor living in Phoenix is not just for playtime anymore. Your outdoor living oasis is the perfect place to find the solitude and inspiration that you need to accomplish more when you are working from home. And all of this is very possible when you plan for and add technology to your outdoor living space. A UNIQUE design specialist can assist you in integrating features such as outdoor TV’s and speakers as well as subtle spaces that will be perfect for the days when you are working from home. Call 480-969-1911 today to schedule a free consultation, and in just a few months, you can be the envy of all of your co-workers and friends. Your new outdoor living space will add functional work and play space to your home as well as an unbeatable environment to recharge both physically and mentally.