This landscape design provides the perfect outdoor living space to enjoy the year round pleasant climate in Phoenix. Homeowners can double their living space for a fraction of the cost of a home addition

Landscaping your Phoenix property is far more challenging than simply picking some plants and getting them into the ground. The Valley of the Sun is well known as a great place for outdoor living and entertaining, and you want your landscape to provide the stage for your outdoor lifestyle. Properly blending hardscape features, plant material and other features such as a swimming pool or splash pad required a great deal of knowledge, planning, and expertise. Investing in a professional design and installation firm is always a good choice. Contact the design team at the UNIQUE Companies for a free consultation to learn about all of the services and benefits of a professional landscape for your Phoenix home.

One of the most important outdoor features of any home is the view. And protecting that view rather than blocking it with landscape and other outdoor features is very important. Your landscape should enhance any view that you have rather than detracting from it. It is the view from your yard that will offer an sense of openness and space even in a smaller yard, and you never want to block it. A professional designer will be able to offer many ideas to maximize the view from your outdoor living areas and ensure the feeling of a spacious yard.

Your Budget Is An Important Factor In Your Level Of Satisfaction

This fireplace and patio extension are the foundation of this landscape plan. These features increased the landscape budget but provide a great return on investment in additional living space and by increasing the property value.

Having a healthy budget for your Phoenix landscape will definitely have a big impact on your overall enjoyment of the project once it is completed. Look at the investment you are making as money spent to increase the functionality of your yard and to increase your overall living space. Also, remember that patios, pools and shade structures can be added after an initial landscape is completed but they will be more expensive at that point. In addition, you are likely to damage or destroy a great deal of your existing landscape to add features later. Plan carefully to include all of the features and outdoor living spaces that you want in your initial design. This will save you a great deal of money in the long run and will ensure that the project flows as smoothly as the living spaces inside your home.

Odd Numbers Are Visually Pleasing

Planting in odd numbers creates visual appeal and interest. The variety of colors and textures also make this design very pleasing and inviting.

When selecting plant material, remember that odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye. In addition, even when you plant in even numbers for symmetry, plants never grow at perfectly equal rates so there will always appear to be something lacking in the symmetry. Odd numbers allow for a more random and natural look and will be much easier to maintain in the future. Threes and fives are the magic numbers for plants, trees and even flower pots. And more than five and the element will become overbearing.

Plant For Year-Round Outdoor Living

The plantings in this landscape design enhance the appearance of the home but do not block the view from windows and doors. In addition, the trees provide shade and insulation for the front of the home.

Phoenix offers a wonderful year-round climate for enjoying outdoor living spaces. Keep that in mind when you are selecting plants. Be sure to have plants that will be blooming and at their peak throughout the year. Every design will have a single focal point at its center, such as a water feature or specimen plant. If the focal point of your yard is a plant, be sure that you select a plant that does not go dormant and one that will be pleasing to look at all year long. Adding seasonal features around the focal point will draw the eye in different directions depending on the season of the year. Planting fall and winter blooming plants near a fire pit or fireplace makes more sense than locating them near the pool which would be used more frequently in the summer months.

Add Texture To Create Interest

This design offers a great variety of color and texture as well as blooming season. This yard will offer color and foliage for enjoyment throughout the year.

Especially in the case of a new landscape with smaller plants, other elements such as hardscape features of stone or stucco, fencing or even statues will add a great deal of texture and interest to your landscape. A rough wooden fence will provide a color and texture contrast to smooth green foliage. Plant material can also be used to soften the feel of large masonry features such as an outdoor kitchen. Soft vines can trail up a trellis or the support posts of a ramada to cover the sharp angles and starkness. An open pergola over an outdoor eating area can also be a great place to vines for both shade and a softer, lighter texture. When selecting plant material, variation in texture is also important. The massive leaves of a fan palm can be paired with the more delicate leaves and plumes of a fairy duster to provide contrast in color and texture. To learn more tips on landscaping or to schedule a free consultation with a designer, call the UNIQUE team at 480-969-1911.