This beautiful Phoenix backyard offers many of the features that are hot for 2019. The fire pit, outdoor kitchen and outdoor living space provide the same comforts as your home but in the great outdoors.

Outdoor living is becoming more and more popular throughout the country, and few other cities offer the year-round mild climate that we enjoy here in the Phoenix area. Residents in the Valley of the Sun know that an investment in outdoor living space is one that they will be able to enjoy all year making it hard to find any reason not to add some or all of these 5 hot backyard trends to your Phoenix home. And if you are not sure about how to include these features in your outdoor living space, a member of the UNIQUE design team will visit your home for a free initial consultation to discuss your options for possible layouts and features that you will enjoy for years to come. Call 480-969-1911 to schedule a consultation or visit the online request page.

Outdoor living space is all about bringing the comforts and features you enjoy inside your home to the great outdoors. Some of this year’s hottest features enhance your ability to entertain in your outdoor living space. A fire pit, BBQ or outdoor kitchen and outdoor dining areas all offer a comfortable place to gather with family and friends for some outdoor quality time. Other features help to promote relaxation and create that calming ambiance that we all need after a long day. Pergolas, spas, and fountains create spaces for relaxing alone or with family while enjoying the fresh air and beautiful weather that Phoenix has to offer.

This ramada and outdoor kitchen are the perfect for entertaining while enjoying a day in the pool. This is Phoenix outdoor living at its best.

Hot Trends In Outdoor Entertaining Features

Even in the summer months, a fire pit is a great place to gather in the evening after the sun goes down and toast marshmallows or just chat by the fire. And the best part is that fire pit designs offer a great many options to customize this popular feature. Homeowners can choose from a natural gas fire ring or logs, propane or even a natural wood-burning fire pit. And the size, shape and finish options are almost unlimited. The next two trending features this year seem to go hand in hand for many homeowners. Outdoor kitchens and dining spaces are more popular than ever. The pleasant climate in Phoenix makes outdoor cooking and dining a great way to add very functional living space without an expensive addition to your home. A basic BBQ island with a grill and serving space is just the beginning. Homeowners can include all of the features of their indoor kitchen including a sink, refrigerator, a drink station, storage space, and even a wood-burning pizza oven.

This outdoor kitchen and dining area offer bonus living space for parties and family gatherings. And in the evening, the fireplace is a great place to gather with guests.

Pergolas, ramadas, and gazebos are also very popular this year for creating an outdoor living space that offers some shade for daytime use. Even the most dedicated outdoorsy residents need a place to escape the sun from time to time. And all of these outdoor structures offer a bit of shade without the feeling of being cooped up indoors. The open sides promote great airflow and allow those seeking a bit of relaxation in the shade to still be a part of all of the fun outdoor activities taking place throughout the yard.

Hot Trends In Features To Help You Relax

This outdoor seating area offers a bonus living space for parties and family gatherings. And in the evening, the fire pit is a great place to gather with guests.

And once the guests have gone home and it is time to relax, a pergola, ramada, or gazebo is the perfect place for some quiet time to relax and simply enjoy your outdoor living space. The area can become even more tranquil if you add one of this year’s hottest outdoor features, a fountain. The sound of moving water is very relaxing not to mention the ability of even the smallest amount of water to create grey noise to block out the sounds of traffic or just the hum of everyday life. These features can be as simple as a wall mounted fountain or as elaborate as a custom designed pond and waterfall that is home to aquatic plants and even fish. And finally, if you are ready to get into some water to relax, a spa is one of the favored features this year to relax and wash all of your troubles and concerns away. A free-standing spa can be installed almost anywhere in your yard, or you might opt to add a spa when remodeling your current swimming pool. Your options are only limited by what you can imagine as the UNIQUE team can custom design and build your dream spa featuring therapeutic jets, a cascading water scupper or even a natural boulder waterfall. To learn more about your options for all of these hot outdoor trends for 2019, contact the UNIQUE design team at 480-969-1911. We offer a free consultation to answer your questions about outdoor features, possible designs and even the cost of adding some or all of these features to your Phoenix outdoor living oasis.

Think of this outdoor living space as your other great room.