A pool with a zero edge gives the visual effect of water level with the patio. There are no visible edges on the sides of the pool. A zero edge pool will sometimes be referred to as a vanishing/negative edge or infinity edge swimming pool because of this visual effect created by water that spills over a ledge into a hatch that pumps it back into the pool but zero edge pools can be built in any kind of space and are less tied to luxury view homes with huge panoramas.

This zero edge system was developed for any shape pool of contemporary design where the water drops into a tiny trough that goes into a basin and it is either hidden or open like a surge tank. Unlike a vanishing edge which has one or possibly two walls that overflow, this zero edge pool does so on all four sides. Without an edge to stop water movement, any disturbance on the surface is minimal, which is key to its mirror-like surface.

Unique Custom Pools offers many enhancing options for your beautifully designed zero edge pool. Exquisite features such as lighting, waterfalls, a grotto and slides only add to the unique design of any zero edge pool. In addition to these options, there are many decorative touches to choose from, including pebble, polished marble or glass tile. Watch the video below for more information about our unique zero edge pools!