Unique Companies is always pushing the envelope in technology and one of those things is our lighting systems. Landscape lighting can do far more than simply illuminate a landscape or structure. It can add or extend living space, provide safety, and much more.

When it comes to lighting outdoor spaces, most tend to think of simply illuminating the exterior of a structure or property. One of the most underestimated aspects of landscape lighting is that it can actually extend living space physically as well as visually. When positioned properly, landscape lights make architectural features of the home pop out. Lights pointed at your favorite plants make the most of your landscaping at all times of night and day. Outdoor lights add a sense of drama to your landscaping. The illumination makes your house stand out by boosting the curb appeal at night.

Lighting systems are now designed with LED lighting. LED based landscape lights provide a number of distinct efficiency and practical advantages. Because of these advantages, LED optimization is the future of the industry. LED outdoor lighting is also the safest form of lighting. They produce very little heat compared to halogen landscape lights. The landscape fixture is only slightly warm to the touch where as halogen 12 volt landscape lights can cause burns to people, pets or plants.

Unique Companies recommends installing the Luxor ZDC system. This system provides the ability to create 30,000 colors using RGBW LED technology. Color temperatures can be adjusted to match vegetation and architecture, offering unique landscape looks throughout the year. You can also create custom colors for any occasion and store them as themes. Watch the video below for more information about our amazing LED lighting systems.