There are many reasons to begin to explore what is currently “hot” in the design world. You might be looking for ideas or just a concept to get you started on a renovation or new project. Or you could be looking for some professional advice as you get ready to market your home. Or you simply have some ideas but you want to be certain that you are making a good investment in the projects which you have selected. Regardless of your motivation, what you will find is that professionals are big fans of personal touches for your home and garden. Outdoor living grows more popular each year as we discover new health benefits to being outdoors as well as the emotional and mental benefits. So making your outdoor space fit your needs is a great investment in your property and your own well-being. The idea seems simple enough and it is really a shame that the rest of the world is just now discovering what Chris Griffin knew almost two decades ago. Custom designs are the foundation of the UNIQUE companies and big reason for the companies continued success. 

UNIQUE Landscapes and UNIQUE Custom Pools have understood the value of a custom design from the day that Chris Griffin, the owner, met with his very first customer. But this is not the only UNIQUE concept which has ensure the continued success of Chris and his businesses. Customer satisfaction is the first priority for all of the UNIQUE outdoor living projects and there are a number of strategies that the UNIQUE team employs to reach this goal.
Communication is a big factor in not only knowing what a customer wants but also in helping a customer manage their expectation and understand the process required to complete their project. UNIQUE understands that successful communication requires input from both the client and the contractor. From the first meeting with a designer, clients are engaged in the design process. The designer will ask specific questions about the client’s lifestyle, who will be using the pool, outdoor living area and other aspect of the project and what the client hopes to gain from the completion of the project. Then the designer sits back listens. This is the only way to get to know the client and by extension how to meet and exceed the clients hopes and expectations for the project.

Once the design is completed, the communication does not end. But now the entire staff of the UNIQUE Companies join in the conversations. Each project is assigned a project manager who becomes the primary point of contact for the client. But there are also emails sent from the office staff and other team members to update the client about each phase of the construction process, provide reminders about the payment schedule and even status checks or visits from Chris just to see how the project is moving forward and to make sure that the client is satisfied.

Another strategy which helps to ensure customer satisfaction are the exceptionally high standards which are set for all of the workmanship throughout the project. Each trade has specific guidelines which must be followed when completing their portion of the project. At the very least these requirements mirror industry best practices but in most cases they are far superior. Shotcrete for pools and water features is stronger than the industry standard material and also includes additional fibers to improve the bonding capability of the material. Larger rebar is used during the steel phase of pool construction. Special thin set is used for outdoor tile application to provide more longevity in the harsh Arizona climate. Pool plumbing lines and landscape irrigation lines are larger than industry standard to allow for future expansion. All of these items, which other contractors consider extras, are simply the standard at the UNIQUE Companies.

The final strategy which Chris has created to meet his customers’ needs is simply to provide them with a single, full service outdoor contractor. Unlike competitors who can only build a pool or install landscaping, UNIQUE holds three separate licenses from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors:

  • Landscape Contractor
  • Pool Contractor
  • General Contractor

Having all three of these licenses allows the UNIQUE Companies to provide any service which a client might need for the construction or renovation of their entire outdoor living space. This includes but is not limited to:

  • New swimming pool and spa design and construction
  • Pool and spa renovations
  • Outdoor kitchen design and construction
  • Building fire pits, fireplaces, ramadas, pergolas and other shade structures
  • Building waterfalls, water features and fountains
  • Designing and building splash pads
  • Designing and installing professional lighting systems, misting system and irrigation systems
  • Installing putting greens and artificial turf
  • Installing sunken trampoline pits

Not only are the UNIQUE crews highly skilled and experienced in all phases of these projects, but they are also legally qualified to do this work. Many contractors will push the limits of or completely exceed the capabilities of their ROC license and hope that the clients are never the wiser. But what that really means is that they are willing to place their client’s financial future at risk. Should there ever be an issue with a gas line, electrical service or structure built by one of these less than honest contractors, the financial liability falls back on the homeowner. Chris Griffin was not willing to place that risk and responsibility on his clients. His solution was to obtain all of the proper licensing and knowledge to perform this work safely and correctly.

What Chris and the UNIQUE team have always known, and the rest of the world is just now discovering, is that custom design is always a good investment. Achieving customer satisfaction is the challenge which every business faces. But this is a challenge which Chris Griffin rose to meet and mastered very early in his professional career. Customer satisfaction is a promise from the UNIQUE Companies to every client and there are four pillars which will support and ensure that promise.

  • Communication
  • Custom design
  • Highest quality standards
  • Full service outdoor living construction  

Choose the UNIQUE Companies for you your next outdoor project and experience firsthand the UNIQUE experience.