This spacious backyard is the perfect place for a pool and spa combo, as well as a grotto and water slide. A footbridge to the island and fountains add to the fun.

Having a large backyard is one of the reasons that many families love living in the Phoenix area. And the amazing weather throughout the year makes a big backyard an added bonus when that space is used to create the ultimate outdoor play area and living space. Smart homeowners all around the valley are putting their large backyards to use, to more than double their usable living and entertaining space year round. And the UNIQUE Companies are one of the only fully licensed pool, landscape, and general contracting firms who can design and build your complete outdoor living space with in-house craftsmen.

When you picture the ultimate big Phoenix backyard, it needs to offer something for everyone, as well as features that can be enjoyed all year long. But because this is the Valley of the Sun, there is an extra focus on features that turn the heat of summer into a backdrop for outdoor fun. The UNIQUE features that rank highest for big backyards include a lazy river, a pool complete with swim-up bar, grotto, and slide, and a splash pad. These are the things that will bring out the kid in everyone and will make the hottest of summer days fun for everyone in your backyard. The last two items are features that bring the year-round enjoyment to your private oasis. An outdoor kitchen and an outdoor living room almost turn your home into two complete homes as you have the ability to entertain and relax indoors as well as outdoors.  

Your Own Private Water Park

This massive backyard features its own lazy river, island, grotto, slide and much more. And when it’s time for a break, the Ramada is just a short float away.

Who would not want to spend a hot summer day floating around their own lazy river? And of course, there are a few fun options that you can add such as jets shooting into the river or even a waterfall that you pass through as you float along. All of the same fun and thrills that are included in the commercial lazy rivers at the resorts and amusement parks can be added to your private version. And in fact, if you can dream it up, Chris and his team of designers and craftsmen are certain to be able to add any custom feature that you like to make your lazy river truly UNIQUE.

More Than Just A Swimming Pool

Everyone will enjoy going under water or seated in the sunken ramada and looking through the viewing window panels.

When you have a big backyard, you can do a lot more than just adding a swimming pool. Again, if you can dream it, UNIQUE can build it. Some of the most popular features for a massively fun swimming pool include a swim-up bar, a slide complete with a grotto and a viewing window. You can literally spend the day in your pool with family and friends. Kids will love the fun and entertainment of the slide, grotto, and waterfall, while adults can relax in the cool water at the swim-up bar and enjoy a snack, beverage or just a place to sit and watch the kids. And everyone will enjoy looking through the viewing window. These acrylic panels add a completely custom view into the pool and are specially engineered by Chris to ensure that they are as safe as they are fun.

Safe Water Fun For Everyone

Splash pads offer a safe water environment where children of all ages can play together. Basic jets are just the beginning of the fun.

For a safe water play area for smaller children, a splash park is a perfect feature to add to your big backyard. These water safe play areas never hold water, which makes them safe and fun for kids of all ages. Jets, fountains and water toys make this a place that is perfect for summertime and even in the spring and fall when getting into the pool is not so much fun. Again, the design is almost unlimited, as is the size of the splash pad. If you and your kids can imagine it, then the UNIQUE team can find a way to make it happen. Picture a huge water-works park in your own backyard.

Everyone Ends Up In The Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen is certain to be the center of every gathering and party. Guests can relax and watch as the magic happens in the chef quality outdoor kitchen.

Every great party or gathering always seems to center around the kitchen, and when you have a big backyard, you just bring the party and the kitchen outdoors. Today’s outdoor kitchens include all of the chef quality features that you have indoors, but with a better view!

  • Refrigerators
  • coolers
  • beer taps
  • ice boxes
  • grills
  • side burners
  • ovens
  • stoves
  • range hoods
  • pizza ovens
  • smokers
  • fully plumbed sinks
  • pot fillers
  • warming drawers
  • storage drawers
  • storage cabinets
  • dishwashers

These are just some of the features that you have to select from when you schedule a consultation with a UNIQUE designer to begin creating your outdoor kitchen. Add in a large island and you will have seating for an alfresco dining area as well. When the sun goes down and so do the temperatures, enjoying a meal outdoors with friends and family is the perfect way to end a day of fun in your own backyard.

A Really Great Room

This is the place where everyone will gather to relax after the fun in the pool.

The only thing missing after the outdoor kitchen and the fun play areas is the perfect place to relax. An outdoor living space can be in a Ramada, covered patio, or any other shade structure that you select. This is the place where everyone will gather to relax after the fun in the pool, at the splash pad or after a few dozen laps around the last river. And all of the electronic features that you enjoy indoors can also be a part of your outdoor great room. This can be the place to gather to watch football on the big screen, catch an outdoor movie, or just relax with a good book when you finally have the place to yourself.

Much like the inside of your home, you want all of the living spaces outdoors to flow equally as well. The guidance of a design professional from UNIQUE is what will guarantee that same relaxed feeling of continuity and connection throughout all of the features in your big backyard. Call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation.