As a homeowner in Arizona, one of the most anticipated additions to any outdoor living space is a pool. It is a feature that not only will add to the function of your outdoor living area, but it can also greatly enhance the beauty of your yard. However, before you can move forward with your pool installation, you will need to be able to answer a few questions. This will help to determine the style of pool that will be best suited to your design taste as well as the features and functions that you might want to include in a pool.

Pool Design 101

There are three primary design types when you are considering the shape of your new pool. An architectural pool is designed to mimic the style of your home with long straight lines and very sharp 90 degree angles. This look is more formal and modern due to the clean lines. Water features added to an architectural style pool are most often linear walls with sheer descent scuppers for a clean flow of water. Stone can be integrated into the finish of the water feature to match existing stone on your home, the color of your roof tiles or even pillars used in other outdoor spaces such as a Ramada or pergola.

A classic or traditional pool is a very symmetric shape and is often used as a lap pool. Traditional pools are further broken down into two main groups. The Roman style begins with a rectangular shape but then the corners are rounded to add more interest. Often times half circles are added to the ends and occasionally to one of the long sides as well. This style of pool is sometimes also called a Courtyard Style. The other main style of traditional pool is called a Grecian style and rather than rounding the corners, these pools use 45-degree angles to create the corners. The Grecian pools tend to remain very geometric but are on a more elaborate scale than the Roman pools.

Freeform pools are the third major style of pool found in Phoenix. These pools feature many curves and smooth flowing lines to create a look much like that of a natural pond. This more casual style lends itself well to a non-traditionally shaped yard as it can maximize the available space. This style of pool can also feature a circular spa or even a circular table and stools in one of the curves of the pool. Natural stone water features blend well with this casual style but wok pots or sheer descent waterfalls can also be integrated into the design.

Other Features To Consider

With the style and shape of the pool selected, it is time to consider the additional features for your new pool. A Baja step is a large shallow area in the pool at the steps. This shelf is suitable for adding lounge chairs for tanning or relaxing. It is also a great place for children to play. Lighting is not a feature that you might feel is important initially, but it does make your pool very functional at night. When the temperature is still well over 100 degrees at night, a lighted pool is a fun and safe place to cool off. If you enjoy entertaining, then consider adding a swim-up bar to your pool as well. This is a great place for adults to gather and relax or for kids to enjoy a snack without having to leave the comfort of the cool water on a hot day.

The size, shape, and features included in your new UNIQUE pool are almost unlimited. Be sure to ask your UNIQUE designer for feature recommendations or if you have any questions about something that will turn your new pool into your dream pool.