Almost all pool owners remember the orientation meeting with their pool contractor. There was a brief walkthrough with all of the pool equipment and an explanation of how it all worked together to give you a cool place to hang out in the miserable heat of a Phoenix summer. But let’s be honest, you were as excited as your kids to breeze through the introduction of this new chore and get right down to the first cannonball. This is exactly why many homeowners struggle with water chemistry and balancing from the very beginning of pool ownership.

What You Need To Know

In most cases, the mention of water chemistry gets the same reaction we all had when we learned that we had to sit through high school chemistry. Your eyes glaze over and you begin to count your heartbeats or breathing or how many clouds you see in the sky until the discussion is over. We all hoped that, just like high school chemistry, we would never use this stuff in real life. But if you are a pool owner then you either need to understand pool chemistry or hire a service company that can deal with this challenge for you. The fact is that improperly balanced pool water is not good for your pool equipment, and it is also not good for your body.

Health Risks

If your pool water is not correctly balanced then the sanitizer in the chlorine won’t be effective in killing the bacteria and germs that are in all swimming pools. Bacteria such as E.coli,  and salmonella could all be lurking in your pool water as could harmful protozoa. And unfortunately, not every contaminated pool is ugly and green or shows any signs of having these harmful contaminants. If you are not checking the balance of your pool regularly, the only way that you might discover an issue is once someone gets sick. If you don’t have the time to devote to careful monitoring, a single call to Bonny at Unique can get your pool ready for professional care from the Unique Pool Service Technicians. Call 480-969-1911 EXT 228 today, and forget about any worries of someone getting sick from being in your pool.

pH Levels

We have all been in pools with a very high pH, and you know it because the water causes skin and eye irritation. Higher is not always better, and in the case of pH, too high or too low is a problem. You need to be able to remain in the sweet spot of 7.4 to 7.6 for your pool to be comfortable and safe. In addition, if your pool water pH is too low it will begin to damage several parts of your pool. You could begin to notice plaster etching, spots, and roughness, as well as corrosion on metal and discoloration. A pH that is too high can result in plaster scaling, discoloration, and a noticeable roughness.

Calcium Hardness

This is one of the issues that will provide a visible tip when it is out of balance. A calcium level that is too high will cause cloudy water, which is just the beginning of your troubles. If left uncorrected, too much calcium will form scale, which will not only cause rough areas on the pool finish but it will also begin to build up in your piping and in your equipment.

Protect Your Investment and Your Health

Having a pool is a huge benefit in the summer when you live in Phoenix, but if you are not interested in the Chemistry 101 refresher class, then make the smart choice. Call 480-969-1911 EXT 228  to schedule your pool service with the Unique Pool and Spa service department. Our service techs will keep your water crystal clear and safe for you and your pool equipment so that all you need to do is remember some sunscreen and a cold drink this summer!