Following just a few simple steps will help keep your pool water beautiful throughout Monsoon Season.

It’s that time of year again, still. Monsoons are sweeping across Phoenix and wreaking havoc on swimming pools everywhere. And they can remain with us until the end of September, so don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet. While we love the moisture that these storms can deliver to our water-starved landscape, the dust and dirt that it deposits in pools across the city is anything but welcome.

It is critical that you inspect your pool after each storm. Not only could it be full of dust and dirt, but there could be larger debris that will clog up your skimmer and drains. But that is not the only task that you need to perform after a nasty dust storm blows into town. A little extra TLC will go a long way to keeping your pool looking great and ready to enjoy. And it will help reduce the added load to your cleaning and sanitization systems.

Cleaning The Filtration System

Your pool equipment will need to function at its best to keep your pool ready for use during Monsoon Season. Be sure to keep the filter clean so that it can do its job.

Because of the added level of dust and dirt in your pool water during Monsoon Season, it is essential that you keep up on filter cleaning and backwashing. If you notice that your pool water is not as crystal clear as it is typically, then it’s time to backwash or clean your filters and cartridge. The added dust and dirt have taken its toll, and your system is not cleaning the water thoroughly. Not only does that make your pool water look dingy, but it will also cause unnecessary wear and tear on your pool pump and filter system

Step Up The Chlorine

If you have the latest in Pentair pool equipment, it is easy to increase the chlorine level after a dust storm, or you can add pool shock to avoid an algae issue.

If you have a chlorine or Ozone pool, it is vital to super chlorinate after a dust storm. This simple step is the best way to avoid having an algae problem. If your system doesn’t offer a super chlorinate function, be sure to add shock that has the highest chlorine content available.

There are also preventative algae products that you can add to your pool to help combat algae growth. Adding the algaecide and a stain preventer each week will help reduce the impact of a dust storm and protect the investment that you have made in your swimming pool.

Increase Cleaning Time

In addition to these after storm tasks, it is also a good idea to increase the run time on your cleaning system at the beginning of Monsoon Season. A little added filtration can never hurt. It will help reduce the potential for algae growth in your pool if you cannot inspect and sweep it right after a storm.

Knowing that most Monsoon action occurs in the late afternoon to early evening, you might also want to adapt your cleaning schedule to include an early evening cycle to clean up after any storms that blow through. The sooner your filtration system begins to remove all of the dust and dirt from your pool water, the better.

Finally, if you have a weekly pool service, understand that this is for routine inspections, balancing the water chemistry, and weekly cleaning. But that once a week visit will not be sufficient to keep your pool clean and trouble-free during Monsoons.

Fortunately, this year has been relatively mild when it comes to Monsoon storms, damaging wind, and clouds of dust. But that does not mean that we are past what could be the worst few weeks of the season for dust storms and damage to your swimming pool. Remain attentive and know that in just about another month, we will have successfully made it through Monsoon 2020. If you have any concerns or questions about cleaning your swimming pool or possible damage from a Monsoon, call 480-969-1911 to speak to a UNIQUE swimming pool professional.

Don’t let Monsoon Season ruin your family’s fun. Invest just a small amount of time and attention to keep your pool and spa water crystal clear and ready for your family to enjoy.