Heating this pool with gas or electricity would cost thousands of dollars a month. But you can add months to your swimming season with solar heating and the operating cost is almost zero!

Living in the Valley of the Sun in the summertime, it is hard to imagine why anyone would be considering a swimming pool heater. In Phoenix, many homeowners find that their pool water becomes too warm in the summer months to feel refreshing. But eventually, the temperatures begin to drop, and so does your comfort level in your pool. By late October, the water has gone from pleasant to downright nippy. And you begin to long for the opportunity to lounge in your pool and relax.

Who wouldn’t miss this amazing water feature when it is too cold outside to enjoy the pool? But when you add a solar pool heater, you will be enjoying this great view almost year round.

The 300 plus days of sun in Phoenix do spoil us. We take for granted being able to go for a dip in the pool from spring to late fall, thanks to our warm climate. And when fall finally sets in, we miss that daily swim and relaxation in the pool. But that same sunlight can also be a great tool to harness. Imagine using nothing but the sun to heat your swimming pool to enjoy earlier swimming in the spring and further use later into the winter months. Oh, and I forgot to mention, heating your pool using a solar heater adds nothing to your utility bills each month, unlike the hundreds of dollars it costs to use electricity or gas for heating. Now all you want to know is how to make this happen.

The Basics Of Solar Swimming Pool Heating

Add just a few components to your pool system plumbing and you could be enjoying several more months of daily plunges in your Phoenix swimming pool.

Solar heating for your swimming pool is a relatively simple process. Water is pumped out of your pool and filtered before moving into the solar collectors located on your roof. The sun warms the water in the collector units, and then it is pumped back into your pool while more water is moved into the collectors to be heated. The process is much like leaving your garden hose stretched across your yard during the day. The water in the hose is quickly warmed by the sun.

What It Takes To Build A Swimming Pool Solar Heating System

There are four main components to a solar pool heater. And all of these items can easily be added to most existing pool plumbing configurations. The components include:

Solar Collector- The solar collector is the large device installed on the roof of your home to heat your pool water. Cool pool water is pumped into the collector and is circulated through it to be heated by the sun.

This is a close up view of the solar panel that will be installed on your roof to heat your swimming pool water.

Filter- This filter works precisely like the filter on your existing pool cleaning system. It is essential to remove any debris from the water before it is pumped into the solar collector. This filtration is a preventative step to avoid clogs or damage to the solar collector unit.

Pump- The pump is what circulated the water through the filter and up into the solar collector. It also keeps the water moving through the collector as it is heated. Then the pump moves the warmed water back to your swimming pool.

Flow Control Valve- Your pool’s flow control valve can function automatically or manually. This valve diverts water from your existing pool plumbing to the filter and solar collector.

An Added Bonus For Phoenix Homeowners

Instead of just sitting by the fire on a cool evening, you could be enjoying the view from your solar heated pool as well.

As you know, the water in your Phoenix swimming pool can get uncomfortably warm in the summertime. But if you have a solar pool heater, you can reverse some of the impacts of our overachieving sunlight. By circulating your pools warm water through the solar collectors at night, you can use the system to dissipate heat. The cooler water is returned to your pool to be ready for a refreshing swim the following morning.

You have made a significant investment in your Phoenix home’s swimming pool. So why not maximize your swimming season with a pool heater that costs almost nothing to operate? Current swimming pool solar heaters have a life expectancy of 10 – 20 years with proper care and professional installation. And the initial investment is very similar to the cost of a gas or electric model that costs hundreds of dollars to operate each month.

To learn more about solar pool heating and receive a customized cost quote, call 480-969-1911 or click here. A UNIQUE team member will visit your home to answer your questions and determine exactly what is needed to install your solar pool heater. Learn how this eco-friendly and wallet-friendly heater can extend your swimming pool enjoyment and relaxation by months each year.