The cleaning heads and drains in this pool and spa require regular care throughout the year to keep your pool and spa water clean and safe for you to enjoy.

Even after you are done swimming for the summer, it is vital that you continue to keep your swimming pool clean and the water well balanced. While you might not be in the water, that water is still running through your pool pump, pool pipes and is in contact with the interior of your pool. All of these are essential to your pools proper function. Also, they are expensive to replace. Don’t let neglect this winter cause you to miss out on the fun of your swimming pool next spring, or be the cause of a massive bill for repairs and renovation. You can call 480-969-1911 EXT 228 today to request a proposal from the Unique Pool Service team and never worry about your pool service again.

When your pool water is not balanced, you could notice nasty algae growth, stains on the surface of your pool, or even corrosion on ladders and handrails. However, what you can’t see is the damage that this imbalanced water is doing to your pool pump and other mechanical equipment. Damage to the pump alone could result in several hundred dollars for a repair or in the thousands if the pump and some of the piping requires replacement. Also, water that is not balanced correctly can begin to damage the interior of your pool. However, all of this can be avoided by investing a little time in pool maintenance or by calling 480-969-1911 EXT 228 today to request a proposal from the Unique Pool Service team.

UNIQUE Pool Service Will Protect Your Pump And Your Interior

In the wintertime, it is very easy to go several weeks without really taking a close look at your pool. Moreover, with the mild climate in Phoenix, water is continually evaporating from your pool. The result can be a significant repair bill if your autofill fails, and you do not catch the problem fast enough. Not only will the water level drop below the level of the pump intake line and burn up your pump, but the interior of your pool can also become damaged. Pool interiors are designed to always be in the water, so when the water level drops and exposes the interior to the dry air, it will begin to crack. When this happens, you will wish that you had invested in professional pool service from UNIQUE, but it will be too late.

A Clean Pool Is An Easy Pool

You might not worry about a green pool in the winter months, but this dirty water is certain to be damaging the interior of the pool and the expensive pool equipment. Professional pool care is the best way to avoid these costly issues.

Keeping leaves and other debris out of your pool in the wintertime is the best way to maintain appropriately balanced pool water. If you have an automatic cleaning system, be sure to remove any debris from the drains and from the skimmer regularly. Weekly could be ok but you should always check these areas for leaves and other unwanted materials after a storm or high wind. It is also a good idea to brush the walls and floor of the pool weekly to remove dirt that has blown into the pool and is sticking to the interior surface. Keeping the pool and pool water clean will make it easier to keep the water balanced and will also reduce the chemicals needed to maintain your pool.

UNIQUE Pool Service Is A simple Yet Complete Solution

With busy schedules, it can be a challenge to keep up with pool care and maintenance throughout the year. Also, in the winter, it is easy to forget these chores when you are not looking forward to jumping into your refreshing oasis. However, these pool-related tasks are crucial to the proper function of your pool, even in the winter. In addition, they will extend the lifetime of your pool interior and equipment. A single call to 480-969-1911 EXT 228 today can take this weekly task off of your to-do list and remove any worries you have about pool damage caused by neglect. A highly trained UNIQUE pool care professional will visit your home regularly to clean and balance your pool, as well as complete a thorough inspection of your pool equipment. The cost of this professional service is a small investment compared to the value of your pool, and it is a very affordable way to eliminate a chore from your weekly list.