Today’s fire pits can be far more than just a place to build a fire. These features serve multiple purposes and add beauty and flair to your outdoor living space.

In the past, all fire pits were pretty much the same. They were a simple and cost-effective way to contain a fire. However, as outdoor living spaces have evolved, so has this ever-popular fire feature. Also, you will not find any company more qualified to assist you in creating your dream fire pit than the professionals at UNIQUE Landscape. Our design team offers over 100 years of experience and expertise in helping clients bring their dreams to reality. A single call to 480-969-1911 is all that you need to do to schedule your free initial consultation to begin the design process.

With a team of masons on staff, UNIQUE Landscape specializes in creating one of a kind fire pits that meet and exceed our client’s expectations. Many homeowners are elated to learn that they have dozens of options to choose from when designing their fire pit. The choices include the size and shape of the fire pit, the material used to finish the structure, the fire source, and even the fill that is inside the gas units. So while it might sound a little overwhelming at first, know that your UNIQUE designer has years of experience helping clients decide which options to combine for their custom fire pit feature.

Selections For Your Dream Fire Pit Structure

This UNIQUE fire pit the gas is turned on and off with the small key to the left of the fire pit. The key is removed when not in use.

The location of your fire pit will most often dictate the size and shape that you select. Round fire pits are usually the selection for a smaller area as they allow for better traffic flow. However, if you have a large area, we would be happy to build to that more massive scale in the round configuration. Square and rectangular fire pits have become very popular as the centerpiece in seating areas. We often suggest adding a lower level or tier around the outside of the fire pit to function as a table surface. Alternatively, if you are interested in a fire pit that is sunken into your deck, we can create a custom shape that might mimic the shape of your pool or simply be a freeform shape.

Selecting A Fire Source

This gas free form fire pit is filled with blue glass beads and looks almost like a miniature swimming pool.

The next choice that you will need to make is what you will be burning in your fire pit. In the past, most fire pits were built to burn natural wood logs, much like a campfire. But not only does that require you to fetch firewood, but it also means there is some cleanup involved. Currently, most UNIQUE customers prefer to have their new fire pit built to burn gas rather than firewood. This requires a little bit of plumbing and added expense during construction. However, the investment is rewarded in the form of far less maintenance and clean up. An added benefit is that starting a fire is as simple as turning on the gas and lighting it. Then when you are done, you just turn the gas off, and the fire is gone. There is never a worry of watching the fire until it burns out.

The More Decorative Side Of Your Dream Fire Pit

This massive gas fire pit is large enough to accommodate the entire family when it is time to roast marshmallows! Masonry bench seating is a great addition to any fire pit.

Selecting the finish for your dream fire pit could be as simple as having it stuccoed to match your home or the stonework in your outdoor living space. You can also select the cap for the fire pit. This surface is often natural stone or travertine to match other features in the area. For more creative flair, the fire pit can be capped with custom tile to add a splash of color and interest. Gas fire pits also offer a few more options for customizing the look of this great feature. You can select ceramic “fake” logs that look real and create the illusion of a natural wood fire. Alternatively, for a more modern look, you can choose a fire ring and glass beads to fill the inside of the fire pit. Finally, if you want a natural look but don’t care for the logs, lava rock makes a great natural fill that looks a bit more tropical.  

A custom fire pit is a great way to create a warm and inviting area to enjoy throughout the fall and winter months. Even though the process might appear to be complicated, your UNIQUE designer will have many great ideas and suggestions to help you make all the right choices when designing the fire pit that best meets your needs for form and function. Call 480-969-1911 or click here to schedule a free consultation today.