Functional outdoor living space is a must in Phoenix. With careful planning, your outdoor oasis will function as well as the rooms in your home to meet your needs for additional living space.

Living in the Phoenix area, it is essential for homeowners to see their outdoor space as an extension of their home and not just wasted space. The climate is perfect to put outdoor space to use as a very functional bonus living space, entertaining space, and a great place for exercise and fun activities. However, to make the most of your UNIQUE outdoor living space, some careful planning and thoughtful design work are required. And there are a few general rules that should always be followed when creating a functional outdoor living space. For professional design assistance, contact the UNIQUE design team at 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation.

Even when homeowners hire the UNIQUE design team to help plan, design, and build their outdoor oasis, there are many choices that only the homeowner can make. Before your free design consultation with a UNIQUE designer, it is crucial that you consider your expectations for your outdoor living space. And this includes the entire yard, not just a single feature or area. Professional planning and a proper layout for even the first phase of your landscape plan will impact how other areas can be developed and used in the future. Consider spaces for:

  • Outdoor cooking
  • Outdoor dining
  • Covered outdoor seating and relaxation
  • Sport courts, putting greens, and play equipment
  • Swimming pool and spa
  • Splash pad

All of these spaces need to create smooth traffic flow and complement one another, even if not all of them will be built immediately. Also, consider the access required for future construction of new outdoor features. This planning process can save you time and a great deal of money in the future.

Consider The Future Of Your UNIQUE Outdoor Living Space

The design of this outdoor living space provides easy access throughout the yard. Each area functions perfectly within the entire design.

While it is essential to plan the layout of all of the features in your outdoor living space, it is also necessary to consider the plants that you are selecting. While we all know that the plants will grow and mature over the next few years, be sure to discuss the mature size of the plants with your UNIQUE designer. What might appear as a sparse landscape right after installation, will grow into a more lush and complete backdrop for your outdoor living space. And the biggest surprise for most homeowners is that their plants proliferate in this climate. Over planting a new landscape will lead to a great deal more maintenance and even a look that is very crowded and visually unappealing. Enjoy the first year of your landscape, and know that the plants will flourish and grow very quickly to create your UNIQUE dream outdoor space.

Choose The Right Plants For Each Space

As this landscape matured, it created a natural and visually pleasing backdrop for this outdoor living space. Plants were selected based on their mature size and shape to create this very natural oasis.

In addition to plants, many features of your outdoor living space are going to require regular care and maintenance. If you are not fond of yard work, then selecting low maintenance vegetation is a good idea. Or ask your neighbors or UNIQUE designer to recommend a reputable landscape maintenance professional in your area. Hardscape features such as paver or stone patios, fire pits, fireplaces, and BBQ islands also need regular care to remain safe and functional for a lifetime. Your designer will be able to provide you with the recommended care and maintenance for each feature that you select for your outdoor living space. The item that will need the most attention and maintenance is also the item that you have made the most significant investment in, your pool and spa. Properly maintaining the water chemistry is essential for extending the life expectancy of the pool and for the safety of your loved ones who are in the water. Once your pool is completed, the UNIQUE team offers weekly professional pool service. Sign up for this service and you never need to worry about water chemistry, brushing, or cleaning leaf filters. Call 480-969-1911 to schedule your pool service.

Creating your UNIQUE outdoor living space will require the investment of both time and patience. The assistance of a professional designer from UNIQUE is sure to make the process much more enjoyable and less stressful for you. And the result is sure to be nothing short of amazing.