This modern gas fire pit is the focal point of the seating area. Not only does it provide warmth and beauty but it also functions as a table.

As the oppressive heat of summer becomes only a memory in the valley, homeowners are eager to get back to enjoying their outdoor living space. Only now, the pool is not the main attraction of the yard. With cool evenings and the sun setting much earlier, fire pits are now the favored outdoor feature. But you might be surprised to see some of the modern flair that has been added to this once very simple and mundane feature. To learn more about the build time and features that you might enjoy, call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation with a member of the UNIQUE design team.

The fire pits of years past were a very basic round shape that was designed to hold logs for a traditional wood fire. But that is far from the case of the more modern looking and functioning fire features that are being installed by the UNIQUE craftsmen. If you can imagine it and describe it to a UNIQUE designer, the UNIQUE masonry team can build it for you. We have created a freeform fire pit that is a miniature replica of the swimming pool, tiered square and rectangular fire pits, and even fire pits that are countersunk into the patio so that they don’t block your view. And that is just the beginning. All of these fire pits can be wood-burning or gas. While the wood-burning models are a nice nod to the traditional, the natural gas models are far less challenging to use and don’t create the mess of a natural wood fire.

Pots, Woks, And Bowls

The design options for your fire pit are almost unlimited. This fire pits shape mirrors the shape of the spa. 

If one fire pit is beautiful, then why not add multiple firepots or bowls to your yard for even more impact and interest? Often, these pots, bowls, or woks are placed on pillars along the back of a pool or at steps to provide both functional lighting and added ambiance. The style, color, and size of the vessel is entirely your choice. We can assist you in selecting a style that matches the architecture of your home, or we can create an entirely new theme in your outdoor living space with a UNIQUE selection. These fire features burn natural gas, which is controlled with a simple valve and key. You turn the key when you want fire, and turn it again when you are done with the fire. There is no waiting for the fire to burn out our mess to clean up the next day. And to add even more impact to these fire features, you can select gas beads, lava, or even ceramic logs as the fill for the fire vessel.

Custom Fire Channels

This fire pit is built into the patio so that it does not block the view of the waterfall and pool.

Imagine a 6’ or even 12’ line of dancing flame lapping along the back of your pool or edge of your patio. UNIQUE’S custom fire channels can be constructed in a straight line or curve to fit into any space that you choose. And again, you can select the fill for the channel, making it appear as if the fire is coming out of the ground through lava rock or creeping through glass beads that look almost like water. Each fire channel is custom designed and built to provide the most fun, interest, and impact possible.

Add Your Own UNIQUE Flair To Your Fire Pit

This UNIQUE fire pit adds a modern appearance with its sleek shape. The blue glass beads complement the interior of the pool and create continuity throughout the space.

Since the beginning of time, man has marveled at fire. We are mesmerized by the color and shape of the flame. Even the most basic fire pit always becomes the gathering spot for every gathering. So why not go a step further and create your own custom fire pit to enhance your outdoor living space. The options and choices are almost unlimited, and the fun will be never-ending. Call 480-969-1911 today to schedule a free consultation with a UNIQUE designer. You can be enjoying roasted marshmallows and endless hours of relaxation and enjoyment around your custom fire pit this winter.