With cooler weather just around the corner, outdoor lounging areas will soon be in demand in the Valley of the Sun. But the standard chaise lounge is not a universal fit for every person or the style of all lounge areas. Fortunately, there are many options for creative, comfortable, and attractive ways to add to the relaxation space on your patio, in your pergola or Ramada or by your pool.

A Giant Swing

For covered outdoor living spaces, the handing daybed has become a very popular option. If you are looking for a daybed which is already assembled, there are many choices online. Some are made from wood construction while others are made of whicker or even a metal frame. These kits all include the rope or chains used to hang the daybed, so all that you will need to do is secure the mounting brackets or the ceiling hooks to hang the daybed. If you are looking for more of a custom feature, there are many designs available online that could easily be built and customized in just a single weekend.

A More Traditional Hanging Lounge

If a hanging daybed does not suit your taste, then try a traditional hammock. You can find hammocks in a variety of colors and sizes online or at a local market or craft sale. All that you need to install a hammock is a set of ceiling hooks and two posts or a couple of appropriately spaced trees. There is nothing quite a peaceful as relaxing in a hammock and enjoying the beautiful weather of fall in Arizona.

Create Your Own Shade

It can be difficult to find a place to install a hanging daybed or hammock which offers shade throughout the day, but adding a few fabric sun shades can make almost any area more comfortable and more private. Custom shades can be made by taking a large piece of fabric, folding the top over and hemming it to create a channel for a curtain rod. In Phoenix, Sunbrella fabric is a good choice because it is more durable and will resist fading even when in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. You can also reduce the potential for sun and wind damage by gathering the sunshade and securing it with a fabric tie back when you are not using the lounge area.

As the extreme heat subsides for the year, outdoor living spaces will become more enjoyable. And having an outdoor lounge area is a great way to relax and enjoy your yard and the nice weather.