Kids love to begin Halloween decorating as soon as fall arrives, but the heat is still on in Phoenix, which means carved pumpkins will only survive a short time. But there is a simple solution that will let your kids start decorating with real pumpkins right away.

Rather than carving pumpkins let your kids get creative decorating pumpkins. This can be as simple as using spray paint and a few leaves as stencils to create a fall look or as complex as actually painting a full jack o lantern face on the outside of a pumpkin. The secret is simply to be careful not to cut or damage the outside of the pumpkin during the decorating process.

For some added flair to satisfy even the most creative children, sprinkle the pumpkin with glitter while the paint is still wet. Sequins, paper leaves, and even stickers can also be used to create a customized pumpkin that will not begin to shrivel in the heat of the Phoenix fall.  

Then, about a week before Halloween, you can encourage your kids to carve their pumpkin and get it ready to illuminate the path for trick or treaters. If your children don’t want to ruin their artistic pumpkins by carving them, then they can clean out the inside and carefully drill or cut small holes throughout the pumpkin to create a filigree look when a candle is added.

Try this UNIQUE tip, and your family can enjoy having these great fall decorations without worrying about sunlight and heat turning your children’s holiday decorations into a pile of orange mush long before Halloween even arrives.