Nothing is more inviting than a crystal clear swimming pool on a hot day. Professional pool service ensures that your pool is always ready for you to enjoy.

As the owner of a Phoenix swimming pool, you certainly know that there is a great deal of care and maintenance required to keep your pool water clean and safe. The dust and pollutants in the air, as well as the high use in the hot weather,  can make it very challenging to keep the water properly balanced. And even a slight miscalculation can cause algae growth and other contamination issues that require both knowledge and time to eliminate. But all of these headaches can be eliminated when pool owners decide to use a professional to maintain their pool. At UNIQUE Pool Service we offer exceptional customer service, expertise in all aspects of pool care and maintenance and no long term service contracts. Call 480-969-1911 EXT 228 to request your proposal to maintain your east valley or Scottsdale pool.

Pool owners know that pool safety is critical to enjoying your pool throughout the year. But in most pool owners minds, pool safety involves the physical aspect of a large body of water in their yard. What they are not considering is the damages that can be associated with pool chemicals and pool water that is not properly balanced and maintained. Some pool chemicals are caustic and should never come in contact with the skin while others can produce toxic fumes if used incorrectly. And if the water in your pool is not properly sanitized, it can quickly become a breeding ground for insects and other contaminants which are harmful to humans. But all of these dangers can be easily eliminated by using a professional pool service provider such as UNIQUE Pool Service.

Reduce Your Stress And Chores With Professional Swimming Pool Service

Not only does a green pool pose health issues but it is also expensive and time consuming to clean. Avoid this issue by entrusting your pool maintenance and care to a professional.

It can take a considerable amount of time to keep a swimming pool in top condition. The interior surface must be brushed or swept, the filter baskets emptied, and the water tested and balanced. And this is just the most basic of maintenance. There is also additional regular care needed to maintain the pump, filter and other systems of a swimming pool. So pool owners can find themselves out at the pool doing maintenance rather than enjoying the fun and relaxation of their pool. And should there be an issue with balancing the pool water or an aspect of the pool filtering or cleaning systems, then the time investment just got substantially greater. But pool owners can avoid all of these chores and the stress that they add to evenings and weekends by hiring a professional to maintain their pool.

Protect Your Investment With Professional Swimming Pool Service

Your pool equipment is critical to maintaining a clean and healthy swimming pool. Protect the investment you have made in this equipment by using only a professional pool service.

With the average price of a swimming pool being equal to the price of some vehicles, it only makes sense that pool owners want to protect that investment. And a professional swimming pool service is the best way to do that. Maintaining well-balanced water will lengthen the life of each part of the pool that comes into contact with the pool water. The interior, piping, pumps, filtration system and even the hardware on the pool lights can be damaged by water that is not correctly balanced. In addition, when there is a part of your pool that is beginning to show signs of wear, your professional pool service technician will immediately bring this need for a small repair to your attention before it turns into a major problem and an expensive repair or replacement.

Peace Of Mind Thanks To Your Professional Swimming Pool Service Provider

Never worry about you pool having sanitation issues or algae. Professional pool care eliminates these concerns and lets you enjoy your pool whenever you choose to.

Homeowners install swimming pools to enjoy the cool and relaxing environment in the heat of each Phoenix summer, not to relearn high school chemistry or to devote hours to sweeping and cleaning chores. By selecting a quality pool service such as UNIQUE Pool Service, pool owners can forget about the challenges and frustrations of testing pool water, adding chemicals and scooping leaves after a monsoon. In addition, there are no worries about how and where to safely store potentially hazardous pool chemicals or when and how much need to be added to the pool water. Pool owners will be free to enjoy their pool whenever they choose, knowing that the water is clean and safe. Protect your investment in your pool equipment and in your free time by calling 480-969-1911 EXT 228 to request your proposal to maintain your east valley or Scottsdale swimming pool. UNIQUE Pool Service offers weekly visits to clean and monitor your pool as well as quotes for additional repairs or renovations. And we never ask our clients to sign long term service agreements or to wait at home for us to service their pool. We will unlock the gate and relock it when we leave your property. And you will know exactly what services were provided when you read the service report that we email to you after every visit. We are the pool service experts in the east valley and Scottsdale, who also provide excellence in all aspects of customer service and communication with our clients.

Your pool should never add to your to do list. Professional pool service promises a clean pool and gives you the time to relax and enjoy your pool rather than cleaning it when you have a free moment.