This beautiful backyard is child and pet-friendly because the artificial grass reduces the allergens and the need for potentially toxic chemicals. And parents love that there is no water and no maintenance required leaving plenty of time for fun with the family.

Even though we live in the desert, most homeowners are fond of looking out the window and seeing a nice, lush, green lawn. But not only can it be very difficult to achieve that lofty goal here in the Valley of the Sun, but it can also be very costly. With the cost of water and the inevitable restrictions on lawn watering, keeping even Bermuda grass looking good can become quite a challenge. But artificial grass is an alternative to natural grass that is becoming very popular with homeowners who are not sold on the less than lush look of desert landscape. Call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation with a UNIQUE designer to learn more about your options for eliminating your grass and enjoying all of the benefits of artificial grass.

Artificial grass is no longer that cheap looking carpet-like material that used to be popular in retirement communities as an outdoor carpet on patios. Today’s turf looks far more natural and real, in addition to being far more durable. In fact, some artificial grass manufacturers offer as long as a 15-year warranty on their products. And of course, there is the benefit of little or no maintenance required to keep artificial lawns looking great. This also means that you will not be spending money on fertilizer, weed killer, mowing, scalping and over-seeding or watering. But there are several other benefits to artificial lawns that you might not have thought about.

No Allergens With Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is the perfect grass to install at all play areas including sunken trampoline pits and other play equipment. The turf is durable enough for high traffic areas and gentle for children’s feet and pet’s paws.

One of the larger contributors to most people’s allergies is pollen. Natural grass is a major contributor to the pollen issues here in the Phoenix area. So for homeowners with allergies or who have children with allergies, artificial grass is a great alternative to staying indoors or being miserable when you are outside. It is also worth mentioning that many dogs also develop allergies. Pets with allergies tend to lick the areas that itch causing their fur to fall out. If your pet has bald areas on his or her paws, it could be due to a grass allergy. Artificial turf can provide welcome relief to pets who love the outdoors but suffer from allergies just as many humans do. And you never need to worry about pet urine or waste ruining your turf, as it can simply be removed and hosed off as needed.

Another concern for homeowners with small children and pets is the number of chemical treatments that are required to maintain a green and healthy lawn. Not only are some pesticides and herbicides toxic for pets but they can also be harmful to small children. But eliminating natural grass also eliminates the need for many of the chemicals that will be used in your yard, making it a safer and healthier environment for children and pets alike.

Reclaim Your Weekends with Artificial Grass

Homeowners can add fun and function to their backyard with an artificial grass putting green. This putting surface requires almost no maintenance and looks beautiful year round.

If you take care of your own yard, then you understand the time involved in cutting the grass, trimming and maintaining the sprinkler system. You also know that several times a year you need to allocate time for applying pre-emergent, post-emergent and fertilizer as well as the dreaded scalping and over-seeding process. But all of those chores can be removed from your evening and weekend time when you install artificial grass. Once the turf is installed, you have a pristine panel of green in your yard year round. There is no need to worry about having unsightly brown spots in the grass when you are having guests or rushing out to cut the grass before a big pool party. Your yard is ready to entertain or simply to relax and enjoy with the family, all day, every day. So if you are ready to save time, money and reduce the allergens in your yard as well as the hazardous chemicals, then contact the design team at UNIQUE to schedule a free consultation to learn more about artificial grass and why it will be a great addition to your Phoenix yard.

Even a small panel of artificial grass has adds a big impact to your yard. The lush green color and softer texture help to balance all of the hardscape features in outdoor living spaces.