Think of your outdoor living space as the perfect great room. It will provide a variety of functions, and all in a casual and relaxing atmosphere.

With all of the added time that you have spent at home these past few months, you might be ready to invest some time and money in your outdoor living space. This option is the simplest and more cost-effective way to add usable living space to your current home. And if you are like most, the thought of moving to a larger home is not a viable option right now. So it is time to figure out how to make the best uses of the space that you have outside your home. And the first piece of advice is to seek the help of a professional. You would not grab a hammer and begin to build an addition onto your home. So follow that same thought process and call in the professionals from the UNIQUE Companies at 480-969-1911.

What sets UNIQUE apart from all of the other contractors in the Valley is the three AZ ROC licenses we hold. We are licensed to install swimming pools and landscapes, but we are also licensed general contractors. And what that means for you is one-stop shopping! UNIQUE can design, engineer, and build any outdoor feature or structure that you would like to add to your Phoenix property. And it all starts by clicking here or calling 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation with a UNIQUE design professional.

What Is Perfect?

Each homeowner will have his or her own idea of what it will take to create a perfect outdoor living space. But they all agree that the UNIQUE Companies are the only team to trust when turning that dream into reality.

Technically, the word perfect means complete and without defect or blemish. But when most people use the word perfect to describe something like their outdoor living space, they are implying a great deal more than defect-free. Homeowners are conveying that they desire a space that meets all of their needs, and is visually appealing, functional, easy to take care of, affordable, expandable, and much more. But when we realistically look at what every homeowner wants and expects from a “perfect” backyard, the list varies from person to person. That is because each person is UNIQUE. They want an outdoor living space that is equally UNIQUE and meets their criteria and desires. That is when it becomes apparent that working with an experienced pool and landscape designer is the only way to tick all of the boxes on your wish list and end up with a space that functions as seamlessly as your indoor living space.

What Is The Heart Of Your Home?

Thinking about your indoor living space is a great way to begin planning your outdoor living space. You want to have a clear list of what works inside your house and what doesn’t meet your needs. First, think about the area where everyone congregates. In most homes, it is a combination of the kitchen, dining, and living space. And that is a feature that you will want to recreate in your outdoor living area. A ramada or pergola is the perfect shade structure to create a comfortable outdoor living space that will become everyone’s favorite place to hang out, relax, cook, and dine alfresco.

What To Include In Your Perfectly UNIQUE Outdoor Great Room

Imagine your perfect day spent enjoying the great outdoors. Now describe that day to your UNQUE designer to begin selecting the features that will make those days your new reality.

Most outdoor living spaces are a bit more casual than their indoor counterparts. But it is essential to ensure that the area flows well and can handle multiple functions. Some days it might be just you and your immediate family, while other days you might be hosting a larger group. And you want your outdoor living space to accommodate and meet the needs of both groups.

Outdoor cooking is a great way to get the entire family involved in meal prep and avoid heating up your home. An island with a BBQ grill or smoker is the perfect way to prepare healthy and tasty meals. And to prevent multiple trips back indoors, consider adding a mini-fridge and sink. Other options include an ice chest for cold drinks, storage drawers, and side burners. Your UNIQUE design pro can help you evaluate your choices and design your perfect BBQ island.

You can design your outdoor kitchen and seating area to be anything you want, from a large bar with seating to a more traditional outdoor dining table.

Along with your fabulous meal, you will want a great place to dine outdoors. Some people prefer a large seating area built into their BBQ island, while others prefer a freestanding dining table. Whatever suits your needs is the way to go, no one option offers more advantages than another. This process is all about learning what you will enjoy the most and will help you build the most fantastic memories.

Finally, the entire point of your perfect outdoor living space is relaxation and fun. So picture your ideal lounge space and describe every detail of it to your UNIQUE designer. Our goal is always to listen to every aspect of your dream space and then create it before your very eyes. And we can even add features like a professional quality misting system that cools the area without annoying big drops of water on you or your guests. Or a fireplace that will add just a touch of warmth and ambiance in the cooler months. Because once you enjoy your outdoor living space in the summertime, you will not want to give it up when fall and wintertime roll around. Always plan for year-round enjoyment and function from your perfect outdoor living space.

Remember, in Arizona, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor living space year round. So be sure to consider all the features that you will enjoy day and night, 365 days a year.

The First Step

Designing a new living space that might be half the size of your home can be intimidating. But remember, you are not undertaking this project alone. Your UNIQUE design pro will be with you every step of the way, from your first thoughts on features to selecting the materials and color palette for your new space. And once the plans are completed, the UNIQUE construction team will take over and create your perfect space! During that time, you will have a project manager overseeing the day-to-day work as well as your designer. Any questions that you might have can be answered with just a quick call, text, or email. To take that first step to create your perfectly UNIQUE outdoor living space, click here or call 480-969-1911 to schedule your free design consultation.