Is it time to update your old swimming pool? Maybe you moved into a house that already had a pool. Or perhaps you installed the pool years ago when styles and standards were different. Maybe you never got the pool you really wanted because your installation budget was limited.

Here are a handful of swimming pool renovation ideas to consider. Of course, if your pool has serious structural or equipment problems that need to be fixed, there’s probably no getting around a costly renovation project. These ideas are aimed at making an outdated (but still functioning) pool look nicer and operate better with a minimal investment.

LED Lights
LEDTo give your pool a whole new look, one of the fastest and most affordable options may be adding an LED fixture to your pool. LEDs are more energy-efficient, and some can change color from basic white to red, blue, green and magenta. Depending on the model, LEDs can create light shows in your pool. For example, for July Fourth, you could switch on a red, white and blue light show. They make it easy to add your own personal sense of style to your pool.


In-Floor Pool Cleaners
If there’s one piece of pool cleaning equipment that can save a pool owner a lot of time on maintenance, it’s investing in an in-floor automatic pool cleaner. In-Floor pool cleaners are a system of pop-up heads on the floor of the pool that rise and spray in sequence. A manifold or distribution device changes the flow of water across banks of jets located in the steps and floor of the pool. The succession of jet banks directs debris towards the deep end, where it can be sucked up by the drains and skimmers. They are sold as an option to the more common type of pool cleaner that rolls around the pool floor, and vacuums debris into an attached bag, or in the case of suction cleaners, sucks it into the skimmer or pump basket.

Pool Resurfacing
Pool resurfacing improves the looks of your pool, while also serving the practical purpose of replacing something that wears out over time. If your pool currently has a simple plaster finish, an update could also make your pool look more modern. These days, many people choose aggregate finishes that come in different colors and incorporate stones, shells, or other materials.

Waterline Tile
One of the hottest Phoenix pool remodeling trends is updating a pool’s waterline tile. Simply updating waterline tile can give your pool a more contemporary look. Combine it with deck and/or pool resurfacing, and you might think you have a whole new pool.

Water Features
waterfeatureThere are many types of water features to choose from, and the effects they can create are seemingly infinite when factoring in size, flow rate, acoustics, and lighting. As a general rule, rock waterfalls are ideal for rustic, lagoon-style pools, while sheetfalls, laminar jets, and fountains can establish a more formal or clean look. Mediterranean-style pools utilize raised walls with sconces (in which water pours out of mounted rosettes, lion heads, etc.). Deck jets create an elegant look as they shoot streams of water from the deck to the pool, but they must be placed properly to perform well.

Energy Efficient Equipment
If you’re going for practical updates, there are a whole host of features designed to make your pool less expensive to operate – many of which only recently became available. The main one to consider is a variable speed pool pump, which uses less electricity and may even qualify for an energy rebate where you live. Other popular options include energy efficient filters and solar-powered features (heaters, lights, etc).