WHY IS UNIQUE DIFFERENT? Some people may wonder what separates companies in the landscape & pool business. As the owner of Unique, i have spent the past 8 years figuring out ways to be not only different , but better! With my engineering background, i am a problem solver by trade. I went to school to study concrete, drainage, hydrology, physics, math, structures, and much more! How do this help me in a landscape & pool scenario? Well, it allows me to continue to improve the way that things are done. I am not happy with the normal methods of construction, and i’m constantly developing ways to do things that are better than the “industry standard”. On top of that, we have done just about everything imaginable outside (regarding pools, landscaping, fire features, water features, etc.). I have learned by “trial and error” – and i have learned from my mistakes. These mistakes allow me to develop new methods, and suggestions to my clients. I know what is going to work, what is going to fail, what is going to be more maintenance, and what is going to last the test of time. Isn’t that who you want on your next project?
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Chris Griffin, Pres.
Unique Landscapes & Unique Custom Pools

Pool & Landscape Expert