Everybody knows that summer in the desert is hot, but it doesn’t have to be unbearable.


With the summer temperatures heating up, how could you not be dreaming of all the ways to cool off your outdoor space and turn it into the summer hangout of your dreams?
Any homeowner fortunate to have a decent backyard should be eager to utilize it. Take advantage of the hot Arizona weather and add some of these fun and beautiful upgrades to cool down your backyard.

Add Some Shade
With all that harsh sunshine you need a little protection and a place to cool off—shade structures protect against both the heat and the rain. Whether you go for a Ramada, Pergola or a fabric umbrella over your outdoor table, adding shade means cooling down your outdoor area.

High Pressure Misting Systems
Perforated tubes, mounted at the perimeter of a covered seating area and connected to a water supply, release a fog-like mist that absorbs heat from the air. You must aim the perforations away from the structure for the system to work properly.


Eavaporative Cooler

Evaporative Cooler (This Old House)
This device draws in hot air and chills it by blowing it through a wet filter or pad. The unit needs a fresh, dry air supply to work efficiently, so leave 2 feet of clearance all around it to prevent cooled air from recirculating.

ShadeSailShade Sails
Enhance and expand your usable space and protect it from fading and harmful UV rays with an award winning designed shade sails. Shade sails are perfect shade coverings for pools, patios, barbecue areas, carports, gardens and more.

Sheer Descents & Water Features
What does everyone else do when the pool feels like bath water? … You need some aeration in order to cool down that much water in the kind of heat we get in Arizona. Run your fountains or sheer descents from midnight to 7am for maximum cooling.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans
If you have a covered patio, high-ceiling deck or gazebo, you can install an outdoor ceiling fan to add a cool breeze to your backyard. The circulating air can help you and your guests feel more comfortable in the sweltering heat. Make sure to choose a location that has an electrical outlet and a sturdy roof or large overhang to install the ceiling fan.

Outdoor Shower
There’s no faster way to cool down than to step into a cold spritz of water. Just like the cool joy you relished as a kid playing in the sprinkler, the spray of a cold shower can revitalize you. If you have a pool, this is a great way to make sure everyone rinses off before they get into the pool.