There are very few plants that can survive the Phoenix climate and offer a great variety of color while still being very low maintenance. But the Coneflower is one favorite perennial which is a favorite for winter and spring color. Not only is this large clumping plant very hardy but it is also virtually maintenance-free during its growing season, making it almost the perfect splash of color for any landscape.

Where to Plant

The Coneflower is a nice border plant to visually create separation between various outdoor living spaces with heights ranging from about one foot to five feet tall depending on the variety. It is also a nice choice for screening and can be planted among other plants which bloom in the summer to provide year-round color and foliage for an area. Coneflowers will tolerate full sun to partial shade in the winter and spring and will also grow well in the native soil of the valley.

Added Benefits

The Coneflower is a very durable plant and is not susceptible to disease or pests but they are a favorite of butterflies and hummingbirds. Planting the coneflowers outside a window or near a seating area is a good way to attract hummingbirds and butterflies for hours of entertainment. In addition, bees are attracted to the bright, colorful blooms which make these the perfect plants to place near citrus trees to ensure good pollination for fruit tree blossoms. Coneflowers are also a popular selection for dried flower arrangements as the stems are very durable and the blooms provide a variety of colors in the petals and the large center cone which resembles a pompom.

If you are interested in attracting butterflies and hummingbirds into your landscape, be sure to ask your UNIQUE designer to include a few Coneflowers in your design. Not only are these a great for splashes of color in the winter and spring but they will also help to ensure that your citrus trees are well pollinated and produce a large crop of fruit each season.