It’s time for spring cleaning for your swimming pool

As the Arizona weather warms up in the spring, we start to think about swimming in the pool again. Now that your pool has your attention there are some steps you need to take to ensure that it’s ready for the busy months ahead. Here are some things to make spring maintenance a breeze and help you to get in a routine for summer maintenance.

1. Clean the deck and the area surrounding the pool. Remove any leaves and debris.
2. Remove, clean and store your pool cover. Check for any “wear and tear” that may have happened during the cold months.
3. Inspect the gauges, plugs, filters, valves, and any other important components. Lubricate fittings and valves. Replace and clean any of the parts that need it.
4. Skim the pool surface. Removing any leaves and debris.
5. Brush the stairs and sides of the pool with a pool brush.
6. Test and adjust the pH, Chlorine, Alkalinity, Oxidizer and Stabilizer levels. Add a preventative dose of algaecide if needed.
7. Continue with maintenance through the warm summer months to keep your pool sparkling and inviting!
8. Use a clarifier. As springtime is upon us we will get more pollen in the air and in the pool. Clarifier is a great product to give you an extra advantage to remove the pollen film that appears on the waters surface.

Sell or throw out old furniture and opt for a fresh patio look this spring. A few added touches like potted plants, a water feature or fire pit can make a world of difference and give your backyard an updated look. Once your swimming pool has been “spring cleaned”  weekend care is going to be the key to keeping your pool ready through the summer.