One of the many tragedies of the Covid 19 virus is that everyone is suffering from added stress and worry about becoming ill and how to protect their loved ones. That along with the challenges of social distancing, finding necessities at the store, homeschooling, and working from home are taking their toll on every member of society. With that in mind, everyone here at the UNIQUE Companies would like to invite you to join us on a mini-vacation tour of some of our favorite projects in the Valley.  

Pure Tranquility In The Desert

From this angle, the pool and linear fire pit are the focal points. But this property has far more to offer.

Outdoor living space is appreciated in every part of the valley, but to have the perfect natural backdrop provides the finishing touch. This location offers incredible views and tranquility that is rarely associated with city living.

From the opposite side of the pool, the mountain view adds to the impact and beauty. But there is still more…
You might have completely missed this amazing custom spa and waterfall that sits just in front of the covered patio. And while it is magnificent, the view from inside the spa is beyond words…
It was definitely worth the wait. Imagine settling into this custom spa after a hard day. As the sun slips away, so does your stress and worry. This might be one of our favorite relaxation spots on the tour.
Night has fallen, and your stress level is now a thing of the past. And while you might not have these mountain views, a UNIQUE designer can guide you through the process of creating your own stress-relieving oasis.

Resort Style Living At Its Best

First impressions are always important. And this majestic pool nails it. The feeling is luxurious, inviting, and peaceful.

Resort-style living sounds great until you think of the crowds, noise, and lack of privacy. However, our client chose to eliminate all of those issues by hiring us to create a private resort-like outdoor living space that is invitation only. The look is classic, and there is something for everyone at this amazing property.

Upon closer inspection, you discover a floating path between this spa and pool that is adorned with cobalt blue and accent tiles. But there is more to see after a quick soak in the spa…
This elevated seating area is the perfect place to relax and take in the view of the pool and spa, as well as the other seating areas throughout the property.
As the sun sets, it’s time to retreat to a more intimate setting. This built-in linear fire pit is the perfect place to watch the sunlight fade, and the sky turns the same deep cobalt blue as the pool tile.
At night, it is easy to believe that the outside world no longer exists. You are able to relax and leave all of your stress outside the walls of this resort-like retreat. The fire and water create a magical feel for an evening swim, soak, or nightcap. Ask your UNIQUE designer how to create this atmosphere in your backyard.

A Modern Spin On A Desert Oasis

When you picture a landscape in Phoenix, images with a southwest or desert flair come to mind. And for the most part, the homes and landscapes in the area are very traditional. But every once in awhile, a client comes to us with a very modern, cutting edge idea. And in this case, the result is nothing short of stunning because it is so UNIQUE and beautiful.

While this appears to be a typical desert landscape, the wall of water seems to be a bit out of place. But there is a huge surprise waiting at the top of these steps…
Even now, you are only beginning to understand the vision of these homeowners. But very shortly, it will all become crystal clear.
This breathtaking negative edge pool is perched on the side of a mountain and provides an amazing view of the city from relaxing on the lounge shelf or in the crystal blue water. But there is more…
This intimate seating area is nestled above the pool with an adjoining dining area. The built-in fire pit provides a touch of warmth on a chilly night over the Valley and tons of charm.
As the sun sets, the sky appears to draw its color from this radiant pool. Soon the city below will disappear, and so will your concerns and worries from your long day. All that plays on your mind is deciding which star is glistening more radiantly.
If you think that your lot poses too many challenges to create the perfect relaxing space for you and your loved ones, take a look at what we did on this lot. Everything the homeowners dreamed of has been included to create a modern work of living art. Ask your UNIQUE designer how to overcome the challenges of your space and create your perfect desert retreat.

Thank you for joining us on this UNIQUE virtual tour around the Valley of the Sun. We know that the current challenges add to everyone’s stress and anxiety level. But we hope that you enjoyed a brief escape to some of our favorite projects from the last few years.

While the current situation is troubling, we know that with everyone’s cooperation we will all make it to the other side as a community. And we look forward to working with you now or in the future to help you create an outdoor living space that provides you with the respite you need to feel your best. Click here to set up a virtual consultation with a UNIQUE designer to discuss turning your dream into reality.