Phoenix Mist System MaintenanceBefore the Summer months temperature arrives in Phoenix, you will want to hook up the your mister lines and test the pump and/or water supply and make sure that your system is working properly. Be sure to examine your mist system lines for any kind of leaks. If you are using stainless steel mister lines, leaks shouldn’t be a problem. Inspect the joints and connectors of your mister system for leaks. If your system has plastic lines, you’ll want to inspect all of your mister lines for cracks and breaks. These can occur due to the dry atmosphere and colder temperatures that occur during Phoenix winters.

The next thing to do is to make sure the mister system nozzles aren’t blocked. Many regions in Arizona and the Phoenix area contain hard water which means mister nozzles may possibly be clogged by mineral deposits (such as Lime and Calcium). It might be possible to just clean the debris off of the top of the nozzle but if the deposits are in the mister nozzle hole, you will have to find something small enough to poke through whatever is clogging the mister nozzle (a needle usually works well). Be careful not to enlarge the original hole! It may be easier to just replace all of the mist nozzles as it usually takes less time than attempting to clear out each nozzle. Also, the cost of misting nozzles is reduced when if you decide to purchase them in bulk.

We highly recommend cleaning your system before turning it on at full capacity. If your heads are blocked, turning on your misting system will cause pressure that may cause cracks in your system that  may result in costly damage.