With more and more homeowners looking to take advantage of their outdoor living spaces each year, features like outdoor fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular. In addition to making it possible to entertain friends and family outside for longer each season, outdoor fireplaces also pack a big punch in terms of landscape design. When integrated correctly, an outdoor fireplace can easily become the focal point in any outdoor living design.

Outdoor Living, Indoor Style

Recreate indoor living room comfort by surrounding your outdoor fireplace with inviting details such as a deep sectional sofa, coffee table, and an outdoor area rug. Make the space usable for more weeks each year by situating your hearth on a patio with a roof overhead, allowing you to get cozy during those crisp autumn evenings. Incorporate homey elements into your fireplace design: durable light fixtures, warm outdoor fabrics, quaint landscape art, and a light-catching mirror above the mantle all work spectacularly.
Stone Fireplace

Nothing contributes to a grand but cozy design for your outdoor fireplace like an impressive stone façade. A stucco-finish fireplace adds textural interest to this outdoor gathering space. The smooth fireplace surround expertly contrasts the brick siding and columns as well as the rough-cut stone flooring and metal ceiling treatment.

Tuscan Design

Design a pleasant focal point with cultured stone veneer and sandstone capping, and surround your fireplace with water features for an intimate feel. Natural Stone pavers and traditional brick walls define the area, while Mediterranean plants such as Italian cypress, lavender, and rosemary add beauty and pleasant fragrances to your outdoor living space.

Modern Fireplace

Modern outdoor fireplaces are characterized by clean lines and industrial materials. The firebox opening is typically rectangular and has no embellishment. Many modern fireplace styles don’t narrow or slope inwards for the chimney. The overall design is very cube-like. Grey concrete is a common material of choice, and burn marks add to the effect.

Southwestern Fireplace

Southwestern style outdoor fireplaces are typically stuccoed to look like adobe. Colored ceramic tile can be used as a decorative accent around the firebox or along the edges of the fireplace. A stair step structure, instead of a straight or sloped chimney, will help add authentic Southwestern style. Another design option is to create your fireplace in the style of a traditional kiva. A kiva fireplace has a smooth, rounded shape that resembles a Mexican bread oven.

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