Imagine owning a UNIQUE pool that was fun for the entire family AND provided you with a full body workout. Lap pools are the answer for anyone who hates the gym but understand the value of regular exercise.

In the Phoenix area, many homeowners are interested in a swimming pool because it provides a refreshing and relaxing retreat in the heat of the summer. However, that is not the only appeal that swimming pools offer. More and more health-conscious homeowners are looking to maximize their return on investment by building a UNIQUE lap pool or swim lane pool. These pools are typically rectangular in shape, making them perfect for swimming laps. But that is not to say that these pools don’t also meet the requirement for being the ideal place to relax in the comfort of the cool water on a hot August afternoon. To request a free consultation with a UNIQUE design professional to learn more about installing a lap pool in your backyard, call 480-969-1911 or click here for an online consultation request.

The UNIQUE Benefits Of A Lap Pool

Everyone will enjoy the benefits of a full-body workout in your new UNIQUE lap pool. There is no potential for joint injury, just safe and fun exercise

The shape of a lap pool makes them a perfect fit for most typical Phoenix backyards. The long but narrow shape is easy to locate in a shallow backyard. Or it can be placed along the side of your house if the backyard is reserved for grass and play space for children and pets. And as an added bonus, you will enjoy a very economical price because there are no waterfalls, slides, or other recreational features.

While you might think that the most significant benefit of your lap pool is making uses of some wasted space in your yard, that is not even close to its highest value. The health benefits that you and your entire family will enjoy are, by far, the most significant advantage. It can be hard to find time to go to the gym for a workout. But once your UNIQUE lap pool is completed, all you need to do is step out the back door for a full-body workout. And everyone in the family can enjoy these benefits as well because swimming offers a tremendous no-impact workout and excellent cardio exercise for all ages.

Things To Consider When Designing Your UNIQUE Lap Pool

A ladder saves space in a lap pool and provides easy access.
  1. Are you building your UNIQUE pool strictly to swim laps, or will it also be a fun place for the family to hang out? A lap pool does not require steps, and a ladder will save space and cost when building the pool. If your pool is going to do double duty, also think about adding some lighting and benches or a baja step for added fun. And either way you go, don’t forget to include an in-floor cleaning system to reduce the time needed for maintenance and cleaning.
  2. Think about how great it would feel to soak in a spa after a good swim? You can add a custom spa to your UNIQUE lap pool for added enjoyment and relaxation.
  3. Having easy access to your new lap pool is essential. Be sure that you are thinking about traffic patterns and added relaxation space. Standard decking is between 4 and 8 feet wide. But if you are planning to add a few lounge chairs, be sure to add a few feet to eliminate any traffic choke points. Remember, in the summertime, everyone will want to relax by the pool, even though it is designed to be a lap pool.
  4. If you think that you are excited about your lap pool now, just think how much you will love it in 6 months. By that time, you will have established your new exercise routine, and it will be a habit, just like brushing your teeth or taking vitamins. And you will be enjoying your increased energy level and fitness thanks to your daily laps. So imagine how awful it would be to give up swimming for a few months because winter will eventually arrive. And unless you are willing to partake in a daily polar bear plunge, you should think about heating your lap pool for year-round enjoyment and health benefits. And also, check out a thermal blanket to help hold the heat in and keep your utility bills much more reasonable in the winter months.

To learn more about installing a lap pool in your Phoenix backyard, call 480-969-1911 today. A UNIQUE designer can answer all of your questions about these great pools and even make suggestions on location and features. Imagine yourself swimming laps daily in the privacy of your own backyard. No more trips to the gym or expensive membership fees, but you will still have the benefit of daily exercise and improved health thanks to your UNIQUE lap pool.